Matt Cassel calls an audible vs. Colts NFL Week 5

Concerns: Kansas City Chiefs

Well lets take a good look at what has happened since I last blogged. The Kansas City Chiefs are now 2-3, Dwayne Bowe is reportedly being shopped, Todd Haley almost lost his job, Matt Cassel played descent, and Scott Pioli is an epic fail!

Lets start at the top. I, still feel the Chiefs can come out of this schedule at 8-8. I’m very excited that the “suck4luck’ campaign has calmed down. The Chiefs get a bye this week and the Raiders next week. The Chiefs are going to be fully rested after this bye week and have Jon Baldwin back! I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited to see Baldwin out there. He is going to be a beast on the opposite  side of  Bowe. Especially if we keep playing to Cassel’s strong point and that is 5 yard slant patterns with two huge WRs will not be able to be stopped, you saw how Indy couldn’t stop it last week.

Transition to my next point: The Chiefs need Dwayne Bowe, and all this trade rumor stuff needs to be put to sleep! We will not trade Bowe unless we get a first round pick for him and I don’t see that happening. Pioli’s M-O is to sign your own talent back. He has done it so far with everybody on the team. Heck, he even gave Brandon Flowers like 30 million guaranteed. He isn’t even the best corner back on the team. I see the Chiefs resigning Bowe and Brandon Carr by the end of the year.

On to this Todd Haley business! Most people have given the fire Haley thing a break too. Todd Haley is not the problem here people! The players love Haley, they never quit on him once through the struggles of the first 3 weeks. That is a huge! Most coaches would already start to get under-minded by their team at this point. It hasn’t happened to Haley because they respect whatever it is that he’s preaching out there! I love Haley and I will continue you to preach this. Fans who think the Chiefs have a chance to get Bill Cowher as the next head coach need to give it a rest. Cowher will never come here with Pioli at the helm because Pioli has to be the decision maker. Cowher would want full control of the team meaning draft picks and free agents.

Ah, I’m ready to explode right now talking about Pioli, but instead, I will keep you reading.

Let’s jump to Cassel real quick. Cassel played a great game and I won’t take that away from him. However, I hope everyone noticed he can’t throw the ball more than 15 yards down field. Cassel was nominated for AFC player of the week because offensive coordinator Bill Muir and Todd Haley only let him throw 5 yd dump plays all game. This is his strength and I can’t hate it because it worked! It worked all of 2010 too. The Chiefs just threw bubble screens and slants to Bowe all day long! I still feel we need a QB and that Robert Griffin, III is the answer. I pray we are around 8-8 or 7-9 so we are picking in the top 15 so Pioli can finally make a good pick here and snag RGIII!

Mr. Pioli, you, my friend, are about to become my swarn enemy!

I can not believe that this guy is leaking every bit of information he can to get us to hate Todd Haley. Remember last year when everything was good and we couldn’t get any information out of Arrowhead Stadium? It was like that place was Fort Knox we couldn’t even get times on when team drills, workouts or anything else was happening or when players where going to be in the building. Now it seems like it is Swiss cheese out there, any information you want, you get. Not so much about the team, but with Todd Haley, anything goes. Why doesn’t Pioli bury whatever hatchet it is he has with Haley and just let the man do his job?

Why doesn’t Pioli focus on bettering this team?! The man could have given the Seattle Seahawks a 7th round pick for Aaron Curry! Let me say this again, a 7th round pick, that’s right a 7th rounder! The Chiefs should have drafted Curry instead of this waste of space called Tyson Jackson three years ago! Curry’s stats aren’t the greatest the last couple years, OK, but I think Curry and Pete Carrol didn’t see eye to eye. Curry was drafted by the last GM and coach. When Carrol got to Seattle, he started taking Curry out of the line up immediately. Curry is playing on a restructured contract, so he isn’t making anything right now. The Chiefs need another linebacker… Period! Curry is a pass rushing, Butkus award winning linebacker! I think Romeo Crennel would of love to have this guy on his defense. All it would have taken was a 7th round draft pick!

Pioli hasn’t drafted well, he hasn’t signed any good free agents (Steve Breaston came here because of Haley)! This man walks around Arrowhead Stadium wanting all of us to kiss his rings, well I will not, SIR!

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  • I can’t believe the Raiders got Curry so cheap… I can’t believe the Seahaws were willing to get rid of him for NOTHING.

  • the constant trades that seem to go on that r bargin deals, also seem to shock me y the chiefs dont give up a 7th for a talent like curr also. as if the chiefs had made tons of steals with those 7th roud draft picks.

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