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Comparing NFL’s undefeated teams

Throughout the online sports world… and television sports world, fans, analysts and “experts” alike are not giving the Kansas City Chiefs much credit for starting the season 3-0.

They tell us, “The San Diego Chargers always start slow,” “the Chiefs probably would have lost to any team except the Cleveland Browns in week 2,” “the San Francisco 49ers had horrible play calling and game planning.” Some people are even going as far as to say “the only reason the Chiefs are 3-0 is because of luck,” as one person told me last night on the @ChiefsCommand Twitter account, yet the fact remains, the Kansas City Chiefs are only one of three unbeaten teams remaining in the NFL after week 3.

They tell us they expected the Pittsburgh Steelers to be 3-0 even with Ben Roethlisberger serving a suspension and Pittsburgh now running with their 4th string QB. They give us reasons Jay Cutler is playing well in the new Mike Martz offense for the Chicago Bears, telling us it was expected. Still, they are all shocked to find the Kansas City Chiefs sitting at the top with these two teams at 3-0.

Are the Steelers and Bears really so much better than the Chiefs? I don’t think so.

So, this is what I have done for you… I have cherry-picked a handful of stat categories for these three teams.

How well do you know NFL’s undefeated teams?

Post in the comments below with your answers to which team belongs to each stat, then go back and see how well you know NFL’s undefeated teams.

Kansas City Chiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chicago Bears

1. Touchdowns Scored

A. & B. 7 (NFL rank: 10th)
C. 8 (6th)

2. Net Points

A. +15 (9th)
B. +30 (5th)
C. +39 (1st)

3. Offensive Yards per Game

A. 289.3 (26th)
B. 322 (17th)
C. 349 (11th)

4. Net Turnovers

A. +1 (11th)
B. +3 (8th)
C. +6 (1st)

5. Yards Allowed per Game

A. 313 (13th)
B. 278.7 (6th)
C. 319 (15th)

6. Offensive Rushing Yards per Game

A. 160.7 (1st)
B. 72 (29th)
C. 150 (3rd)

7. Sacks allowed

A. 8 (26th)
B. 7 (19th)
C. 2 (2nd)

8. QB Hits Allowed

A. & B. 11 (9th)
C. 18 (26th)

9. Penalty yards per game

A. 16 penalties/148 yards = 49.3 yards per game (15th)
B. 11/80 = 26.7 (1st)
C. 14/105 = 35 (3rd)

10. Time of Possession per game

A. 30:53 (16th)
B. 29:52 (19th)
C. 28:24 (24th)

How many did you get right?

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1: A. & B. Steelers & Bears C. Chiefs
2: A. Bears B. Chiefs C. Steelers
3: A. Steelers B. Chiefs C. Bears
4: A. Chiefs B. Bears C. Steelers
5: A. Chiefs B. Steelers C. Bears
6: A. Chiefs B. Bears C. Steelers
7: A. Bears B. Steelers C. Chiefs
8: A. & B. Chiefs & Steelers C. Bears
9: A. Bears B. Steelers C. Chiefs
10: A. Steelers B. Chiefs C. Bears

Some of these NFL rankings may be surprising, others unbelievable, but the fact still rings true… The Kansas City Chiefs are still undefeated!

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  • I think that the Steelers are better than the Chiefs but not the Bears. I had picked the Bears to be one of the five not-so-obvious teams that would be worse than the Chiefs and I still believe that to be true. The Steelers will remain scary as long as their defense holds up, especially #43.

    It's too early to tell how good any of these teams are. It seems that there will be a high amount of parity in the league this year, especially towards the top of the NFL. Some of these teams that are 1-2 or 0-3 still have a chance despite what history shows us about early failures. The Chiefs have to worry about making some distance in the division.

  • I agree, the Steelers are better than the Chiefs… But not by much, especially without Roethlisberger.

    The Bears are starting to make me believe. I've always liked Cutler, and hoped the Chiefs would pull an in the division trade (I know, that's SO absurd) when the Broncos wanted Matt Cassel.

    Of the three, I am most surprised that the Chiefs are 3-0, even though I slotted all three games as wins when making my pre-season predictions.

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