Coach Todd Haley is at full blame!

First you had your preseason strategy. Fail! While 31 other teams treated the preseason like they have since preseason has been around. Todd haley thought he would invent a new way about going at the preseason.. Strike one.

Next you have your 0-3 start and then you barely escape with wins vs an 0-3 colts and an 0-4 vikings. Fail! After the playoff season of last year they have come out flatter than anyteam has after a playoff run. Colts don’t count. Peyton Manning is more than juat a star. hes also a coach on the field. Strike two.

Now you have the 2 worst losses in franchise history. You lose to the winless (0-7) Miami Dolphins in broken arrowhead. After what many were lead to beleive that the chiefs took the practice week to lightly. And had too many “mental walk throughs”

And then you have the 1 demensional Denver Broncos. Who every sports analyst and and “Blogger” had as the worst team in the afc west by far. And had the worst quarterback in TIM Tebow . “He can’t throw”, “he can’t manage an offense”, “can’t stay in the pocket and deliver”.. one thing he can do is WIN GAMES. And if your the chiefs ,he can throw 2 completed passes and beat you .. sorry Haley that’s strike 3.

Your Out!

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  • Coach Todd Haley is at full blame? Who came up with that headline it’s terrible.

  • Coach Todd Haley was at Full Praise when the Chiefs won 3 str8, and how him Yelling at Matt Cassel was the reason why matt was playing better! . And on and on and on,, Team rally behind his “beard” and “stinky hat”, I explained why hes the reason.

    in other words Noone else can be blamed for the Chiefs SUCKING!!

  • Tuff subject I think the 10-6 year was a fluke I think Chiefs still building up the team this year has been hard with injuries, but will help the younger player get some playing time and learn for the next year. Last year i had the chiefs going 8-8 this year had 9-7 before season and next year I do think if they all healthy they can win 10 games. Haley is doing good but its time to focus on the O-Line Casssl sacked 22 times this year, thats not good, sacked only 26 times all of last year 7 of them in the last game to Raiders. Somebody needs to study some Pats film in 2008 and see what made Cassel good.

  • ya brian but still. Someone Has to go, And Haley and Pioli do not get along! they tried the Haley as the play caller in year 1 ,, no go.. then they tried a good OC that called plays and Haley cant handle someone calling plays better than him, now they trying the OC calling then going to QB coach then through Haley, and all it is doing is not allowing enough time for anything,, The coach is to Blame/,, Chiefs will hire a new coach that will be given a rookie QB or a Clausen type young QB and Cassel will be there to start the next season.. and maybe not finish.

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