Clark Hunt Does Not Want To Win The Super Bowl

Peyton Manning is inevitably going to be open for bidding in the coming days and the Chiefs would be absolutely stupid to not be the front-runner for him. If there is any observer of any kind that doesn’t realize that it’s time for a team to room for a quarterback  that can still win a Super Bowl by himself if healthy, no matter what opinion anyone in the organization has about Matt Cassel, that observer should be fired from football.

We don’t really know if he is healthy but a team that is at the forefront of vying for Manning is clearly looking to win a Super Bowl. I am tired of trying to argue that the Chiefs are not serious about winning a Super Bowl. I would like the Chiefs to prove me wrong. I would like the Chiefs to show me that they want to win. What we have here are the Cleveland Chiefs.

That is the way the owner likes running things. Make it look like you want to win by bringing a smart football guy in without giving him a budget. He will find guys and build a team that will win 6-11 games a year, ebbing back and forth on safe talent and safe bets. Maybe Scott Pioli will find the next Tom Brady, but if he doesn’t, maybe he has found a good quarterback in Matt Cassel. He will bring value to the team but, until a real franchise quarterback suits up for the Chiefs, they will underachieve and I feel that the Chiefs are not concerned about whether or not they do fall short every year.

I think Scott Pioli has built a fine defense but he does not have an equivalent for Tom Brady yet and, for all we know, he has been lobbying for Peyton the whole time. I am not really talking about Scott Pioli. He is too busy telling employees to move their cars and tap their phones. This is about Clark Hunt. He has been pocketing tens of millions of dollars the last few years. That is really up to him but he is not able to say that he is doing what it takes to win a Super Bowl. It is his team and, to his credit, he hired the right guy to accomplish his goals. He just really has no defense to an accusation of being a loser.

Pioli came in with a system and he knows how to find low-cost talent to play the roles of his system. To get off track for a sentence, though I supported the moves at their times, I think the Chiefs could still use Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters. I think he is on the right side of the bets of when those two would retire. Their replacements by compensation (for TGon, Javier Arenas and, for Waters, nothing) have not been worth it. Seeing how important the Patriots, THE model, have made the tight end position for their success shows how far behind the Chiefs are, or, more accurately, how far they are behind Belichick.

The Chiefs best bet might be to wait until Brady retires so Belichick grows tired of the Northeast and joins his old pal Pioli in KC. What might be a better bet would be to acquire an equivalent to Tom Brady. A healthy Peyton Manning might just be the way to show that the Chiefs are looking to win the Super Bowl. I don’t think the Chiefs will do it. Prove me wrong, Clark. Stop trying to run the Cleveland Chiefs and bring a Super Bowl to Kansas City.

Lamar Hunt was partially responsible for merging the AFL and the NFL, acting as a catalyst to the great game we have today. He didn’t do much past the end of the 60’s but what have you done, Clark? The most heinous crime Clark Hunt may be guilty of is being too gutless to sell the team to an owner that wants to win. Think of a price that would be too high for the Chiefs to pay. Peyton Manning is in the organization’s reach and they have an attractive team where he can plug into.

Get a healthy Peyton Manning in a Chiefs uniform. If he isn’t clear to play, I understand. Tell us so after you’ve conducted an evaluation of Manning. There is no other way to win now.

I am losing my faith in this team and much of this feeling has to do with the fact that fans like you and I want to win a Super Bowl more than Clark Hunt and the Chiefs organization. There is nothing more pathetic than basking in a past long gone in the wake of four decades of losing.

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  • Good stuff, I have a couple comments.

    1) I strongly believe if the Chiefs have another sub-par season that Pioli will be shown the door. With that being said I think he will make moves that are in his opinion moves to win right now. Its no secret that Cassel is his guy, and obviously he thinks he Cassel can lead this team to the Superbowl.

    2) Manning is having difficulty throwing over 10 yards with velocity and has incredible difficulty throwing to his left. The likely hood of him being a go opening day is questionable. But lets just say he is recovered now. I am certain that if he goes anywhere he will go to the Jets. Tom Moore his former OC in Indy is an offensive consultant for the Jets, the Jets as a whole are more appealing with the personnel they have than the Chiefs have. His brother is a Giant and they would share the same stadium not to mention the same city and they could play each other in the Superbowl. Mark Sanchez is the only reason the Jets haven’t won the big one yet.

    3) Winning the Suoerbowl means big bucks to any team that is involved in the game. Hunt is still a little green as an owner but I believe he wants a Superbowl for if nothing else to make his father proud and honor his memory.

    4) I, like you, am frustrated w/ not winning. I personally think Cassel deserves another shot with a healthy and draft upgraded team. Its now or never for both he and Pioli.

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