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Chiefs-Chargers Game Will Not Be Aired On Night Of Dec. 14th

Since the NFL has reserved the right to move late-season games played during the day on Sunday to the Sunday Night Football slot, they do so to give the viewers a better game. However, the Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game on December 14th will remain in the night slot because the Kansas City Chiefs-San Diego Chargers game will not increase viewership (this is my own speculation). The Chiefs-Chargers match-up is right there for the NFL to promote and exalt. The Chargers are the hottest team in football and the Chiefs have already beat them this year and they hold the best chance of the Chargers’ remaining opponents to beat the Chargers. It’s not enough to convince NBC to lose viewers and not enough for the NFL to take the game away from NBC.

I understand why the game is not being moved but the NFL has lost it’s credibility of being a league that wants to expose it’s viewers to great football. The Cowboys are the perfect team to expose the NFL of this. You couldn’t turn on a TV before the season started without hearing about how “it’s the Cowboys’ year” and that the Cowboys would be the first team to play at home in the Super Bowl in the house that Jerry Jones built. How are they doing now? Those clowns are 3-8, dead last in the NFC East. If any other team were hosting the Eagles, the SNF crew would be in San Diego.

The NFL is a well-ran organization and I don’t begrudge them or NBC for trying to make money. I blame the Cowboys for this and I hope they get embarrassed that night and that another NFC East team plays in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs. Beyond this year, I hope the Cowboys never appear in the Super Bowl again. Here’s hoping America’s team becomes the lovable losers.

Also, don’t take this as a slight if you are a Chiefs or Chargers fan. It should be more of a slight to Chargers fans because they have established themselves as a perennial playoff team. This is about business and getting passed over by an East Coast team is nothing new. It still hurts, however.

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  • I think more of it has to do with the fact that San Diego is on SNF two weeks later and on Thursday night football the next week. That would give them THREE prime time games in a row – plus four out of five after Sunday night this past week.

    Honestly, I think that has more to do with it than the Cowboys. Because I think the Eagles are bringing more viewers than the Cowboys with the way Vick’s playing. And there still is some intrigue in that game.

  • Oh, and the Chiefs aren’t hosting this. The previous matchup was already on prime time when it was at Arrowhead, which may be another reason for not putting it prime time.

  • Good point, Jason. New England appears on primetime week after week but three weeks in a row is a bit much, I suppose. It would be another good football game.

    I would be alright with the Bears-Patriots game. Two good teams in two big markets. They moved them up to the later time but not the night game. So many better games going on that day..

  • This Cowboys/Eagles game will be over before halftime.

    I’m curious to see how the ratings will stack up when all is said and done.

  • I’m less upset that this is not on prime time than I was that Indy/NE was not a prime time game. If THAT game can’t get on prime time, I just don’t know what to say.

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