Chiefs VS. Steelers: Random Ramblings

The Chiefs will once again be in the national spotlight this week when they take on the Steelers on Sunday night football. Despite losing to the New England Patriots last Monday night the Chiefs did play one solid half of football in which the coaching staff actually appeared to have had a decent scheme for the first time in weeks. Now for some random ramblings.
Orton hears a who?
Kyle Orton is now a Chief and for Orton this may be his last chance to prove his worth. All signs point to him not playing this week, but don’t be surprised if he takes some snaps Sunday night. I like this waiver claim because both sides could benefit from it, it is a low risk move for the Chiefs in a disappointing season riddled with injuries and it could be a high reward for a journeyman quarterback who is out to prove an AFC rival wrong. It is a perfect storm in the shape of the number 8.
What the numbers say
Pittsburgh averages 22 points a game offensively to the Chiefs 14. Defensively the Chiefs give up 25 points a game while the Steelers give up 17.
Under Pressure
The Chiefs have to get pressure on Ben Roethlisberger in order to have any kind of a chance to win Sunday. He thrives in the pocket, and is very good at finding holes in coverages. The more time he has, the better he is.
Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe
Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe needs to be thrown to more frequently. He has been targeted less and less each week. The ground game is suffering the eight men in the box syndrome and teams are not using safties as double teams on Bowe anymore. Make Bowe relevant again and the offense will get better.
Last Impression
The Steelers are and will continue to be in a dog fight in the race to win the AFC North. They are coming off the bye week and are hungry for victories because every win counts when trying to secure home field advantage. Some are saying the Steelers could be overlooking this game and that’s why the Chiefs can play spoiler. I’m afraid I strongly disagree, Mike Tomlin is not a coach that will allow that to happen. The Steelers play smash mouth, grind it out, in your face football. The Chiefs are not physical enough in any category to compete. All I want to see in this game is the oppurtunity for #13, Ricky Stanzi to take some snaps because tuning in to watch in hopes of a possible victory is as pointless as Tim Tebow trying to throw a pass.

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  • I would like to see Kyle Orton come into the game to at least attempt a couple of GO routes to Bowe.

    I don’t care the play call or “knowing the play book,” every person to ever throw a football knows the GO route.

  • Orton could certainly be the guy to get him the ball. I want to see them take a shot or ten down the field. Go routes indeed my friend.

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