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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Random Ramblings

With the Chiefs pivotal AFC West showdown just days away I wanted to touch on some thoughts that were bouncing around my head.

I have always thought that for any team to have a legit shot to make the playoffs that they would have to have a 5-3 record at the half way mark. Our beloved Chiefs have already reached the 3 loss mark, which makes this week’s match-up with the Raiders the first of the next three must win games. Now for some random ramblings…

It seems like most of Chiefs Nation is down playing the Carson Palmer trade. Be afraid, be very afraid. This is the same Carson Palmer that tore the Chargers playoff hopes into shreds at the end of last season. Still not convinced? A rusty Carson Palmer is still better than Kyle Boller on his best day, which is why Al Saunders made his “if Carson Palmer is breathing” comment.

I really hope that the Jackie Battle experiment doesn’t blow up in the Chiefs face. If it is clear early on that Battle isn’t gaining much ground lets hope that they can implement a strategic plan B for the running game.

Since I haven’t heard that there were any takers on the Jon McGraw for a gallon of Gatorade trade the Chiefs safteys must play a smart game and not allow the speedy Raiders receivers to get behind them. With Darren McFadden in the backfield, I would be banking on the Raiders to try a ton of play action late in the game. If I’m Todd Haley I would not allow any of the safteys to cheat up.

I believe Matt Cassel would benefit greatly from the hurry up offense. It might even take the Raiders by surprise. I would do it with the first possession and see how it goes. Cassel needs to retain his confidence he gained from last weeks win so having a mistake free opening drive may be the key to a Chiefs victory.

I’m always pumped up for Chiefs vs. Raiders, with a win the Chiefs could very well be on their way to turning this season around. .500 never looked so good.

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  • I think you’re right. Cassel seems to be more comfortable when the Chiefs are in “hurry up” mode. He seems to benefit from the sense of urgency… Although I doubt the Chiefs will open the game with this strategy, at least they haven’t yet this season.

  • The hurry up offense is great for keeping momentum but disastrous for most teams who don’t use it sparingly. Unless you have Peyton Manning.

  • Mostly, I am hoping for an early lead…

  • Could be his first season with the Pats, they use a much faster pace offense then the Chiefs ground and pound style. Cassel is a throwing QB, not sure Chiefs was the best fit for him. With Jamaal Charles out we could see a Cassel that is more aggressive threw the air.

  • no way does the hurry up make Cassel more comfortable, it makes him a BETTER player, period. it takes the thinking out of it for him. and for a QB, that’s kinda sad

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