Chiefs VS. Raiders II: Random Ramblings

After the way this season has played out, many Chiefs fans tossed the possibility of a playoff appearance out of the window weeks ago. Yet last week the boys in red came out and outplayed the undefeated, reigning Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers. The Chiefs now head into week 16 with a shot at winning the AFC West for the second consecutive year. Enter the Oakland Raiders, they too along with the Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos can win the division. The Raiders have high aspirations and revenge on their minds from the shutout loss the Chiefs dealt to them earlier in the season going into Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday. Now for some random ramblings…

Muir, Muir On The Wall
In a press conference earlier this week Chiefs interim head coach Romeo Crennel revealed that he left the offensive play calling entirely up to offensive coordinator Bill Muir, stating that everyone on the coaching staff has a job and that he expects them to do it. Speculation prior to the firing of former head coach Todd Haley was that Haley was calling the plays and that Muir was picked as a decoy just to fill the position. Muir himself also made a remark earlier this week stating that he felt more hands on than ever before against Green Bay. The only question that remains unanswered for me is, what did Haley ever see in Tyler Palko?

Ortons Best Friend
Kyle Orton was impressive in his debut as Chiefs starting signal caller despite having a bum finger. He looked very confident in the pocket and made the proper check downs all game long. What worked for Orton was his running of the play action pass. It was textbook,flawless execution each and every time that they dialed it up.

Pressure Luck
The defense looked outstanding once again last week. Tamba Hali had 3 sacks and was held at least 7 times in which the Stevie Wonders, I mean referees didn’t see or they were just too lazy to throw a penalty flag. The front four was able to pressure Aaron Rodgers on several occasions one in which Chiefs rookie Allen Bailey recorded his first sack of the season and if they do the same to Carson Palmer this week, I have no doubt that the Chiefs will be victorious.

Storybook Ending?
If the Chiefs beat the Raiders and the Buffalo Bills led by former Chiefs offensive coordinator Chan Gailey beat the Antichrist led Denver Broncos, the week 17 match up between the Chiefs and Broncos could be for the AFC West title. The Chargers also must lose one of their final two games for this to happen but what a story this would be. Kyle Orton will be out for revenge against the team who released him after benching him in favor of a tight end who runs a game long wild cat offense.

The Wrap-up
This could go down as one of the greatest 2 weeks to be a fan of any of the AFC West teams. The NFL scheduling Gods appear to have thought this season out pretty well. Hopefully the Chiefs do not overlook the Raiders this week and they can continue to just win baby!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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