Jamaal Charles stomps Donkeys

Chiefs need to “put the hammer down” at Arrowhead

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

The Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders are the only obstacles standing in the way of the Kansas City Chiefs’ goal of the playoffs. The Chiefs recently got annihilated by the San Diego Chargers, but they bounced back well last week with a 27-13 win over the St. Louis Rams on the road.

The Chiefs still have a narrow one-game lead on the division. The San Diego Chargers are still rolling, so it’s best not to assume that they will lose one of their final two games.

With tiebreaker scenarios not looking good for the Chiefs, that still means that they will likely have to win the final two games at Arrowhead Stadium in order to make the playoffs and create the likely matchup of a playoff game game at home against the New York Jets.

I thought last week that this coming matchup against the the Tennessee Titans would be an easy one, but they stepped up big last week, winning 31-17 over the Houston Texans, a team the Chiefs couldn’t beat.

The game will feature perhaps the two fastest and most electric running backs in the NFL, Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Perhaps the day after Christmas, JC25 will give us some holiday cheer. Expect a lot of rushing yards both ways in this game.

Of course, it also is possible that the Chiefs clinch the AFC West title on Sunday. The y would eliminate the Raiders with a win and they would eliminate the Chargers with a win and a Chargers loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on the road. A Chargers loss doesn’t look likely, but they have been incredibly inconsistent this year, so who knows.

Pathetically, the Chiefs barely avoided a blackout for Sunday’s game against the Titans, but hopefully those fans that are there bring the noise. This is a big one, and the crowd should be able to rattle the mediocre quarterback Kerry Collins.

One important thing is that the Chiefs are allowing a league-low 12.2 points per game at home. The defense has been pretty awful on the road, but hopefully that trend can continue at home.

If the Chiefs put the hammer down for these next 8 days, we will be looking at a playoff game, presumably against the New York Jets, at Arrowhead. How does that sound, Chiefs fans?

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