Chiefs Post Season Random Ramblings

The Kansas City Chiefs have officially removed the interim tag from head coach Romeo Crennel. With a head coach firmly in place it is now time to start thinking about this fast approaching off season. Its time for some post season random ramblings…

It’s a Bowe Brainer!

Regardless if you think Dwayne Bowe is a true number one receiver or not, the fact is he has been the Chiefs top receiver over the past 3 years. He may not be the speediest receiver out there but his hands and footwork are impeccable. Yes his numbers fell off this year but make no mistake it was due to the Chiefs not having any kind of a running game due to the injury of Jamaal Charles and because Tyler Palko was the quarterback for four games. This signing alone will open many doors.

Need A New Carr? Buy Tag One!

The Chiefs are in great shape when it comes to the salary cap. However, Scott Pioli isn’t likely to spend big bucks on another corner back contract after spending 50 million dollars on Brandon Flowers. If the Chiefs ink Bowe to a new deal, they could then use the franchise tag on Brandon Carr. This would workout for both parties in the long run. If Carr has another solid season next year, Pioli after seeing Carr’s consistency would have no choice but to sign him to a long term deal in 2013 and Carr would get the deal he then deserves. Carr would be lost to another team for sure if they choose not to tag him and let him test the free agent waters.

Let Free Agency Sculpt Your Draft

It is well known in Chiefs circles that the injury to Eric Berry opened the flood gates to seeing the leagues worst backup safties that have ever played in the league. The need for depth at the safety position is best addressed in free agency. Sean Jones played safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past season. He has some injury issues but has experience at both safety and cornerback. The other upside is the Chiefs wouldn’t have to break the bank to get him. Visante Shiancoe played tight end for the Minnesota Vikings last season. He would be a great fit here with his experience in being a good receiving but more importantly great blocking tight end. Tony Moeaki is the future in K.C. but he has been injury prone going back to his college playing days in Iowa. Signing these two free agents would add depth and help shape this Aprils draft.

No Need For A Rough Draft

I believe that Stanford tackle Jonathan Martin would be an ideal fit to the Chiefs offensive Line. At 6’5″ and 305 lbs he is very quick on his feet and is a driving anchor upon first contact. Barry Richardson was terrible this year and he hopefully will not be on next years roster. The Chiefs will draft in either the 11th or 12th spot (depending on the coin flip with Seattle). I feel Martin can come in and start from day one. I will get into the rest of the draft as it gets closer.

The Wrap-up

As you can see with signing Bowe you can start the ball rolling in a positive direction that would allow you in the end to draft a starter for the 2012 season in the first round. With 60 days until the start of free agency, Pioli has ample time to come up with a blueprint for this off season. Lets just hope he isn’t blinded by ego.

What would you like to see the Chiefs do this off season? Do you agree with me or do you think I’m off my rocker!? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • MIchael, nice write-up. I’m not going to give away too much, since I will be writing about Bowe tomorrow, but I would like to see Carr locked up and Bowe tagged, if anything.

    I’m not sold on Bowe’s dedication to the game and fear, from his past actions, that he may get paid, then give up. It happens way too often in the NFL and Bowe is an ideal candidate to continue that trend.

    I like Jones and Shiancoe, although I would like Shockey over Shiancoe. They’re the same age, but Shockey seems to be a little quicker and is definitely more dynamic.

  • @Travis, Thank you sir! My problem with letting Bowe go is that there is nobody else to bring in to replace him. Marcus Colston will be a free agent but Izmir highly doubt New Orleans won’t do anything possible to retain him. My other thought on this subject is there once was a guy named Joe Horn…

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