Chiefs VS. Packers: Random Ramblings

The Kansas City Chiefs look to spoil the cheddar cheese dreams of the Green Bay Packers and their run at NFL history. Romeo Crennel makes his head coaching debut after the firing of Todd Hailey, and his first order of business is no small feet. The Packers are definitely the best well oiled machine that has entered Arrowhead Stadium this year, and they look destined to repeat as Superbowl championss. Now for some random ramblings…

Hell NOmeo!
I briefly touched on this last week, but now that Hailey is officially gone, I do not want Romeo Crennel to be the next head coach of the Chiefs. During his time in Cleveland, the players walked all over him and lacked discipline. It may seem refreshing to have a coach who doesn’t bore us to death in press conferences but this is the same guy who decided to flip a coin in order to determine who his starting quarterback was going to be in Cleveland. I think he is a great defensive schemer and should be retained by the Chiefs no matter who the new coach may be. I get that he is a likeable, nice guy but you know the saying about where nice guys finish.

Palko > Who?
We are all happy to see Tyler Palko listed as a third stringer now, but as bad as Palko was, he had a win. We could not say the same for Brodie Croyle who had more than triple the chances Palko did.

HEY RODGERS! (Discount Double Check!)
Aaron Rodgers will be the first quarterback to win five Superbowls barring any serious injuries. He is patient, decisive, aware and has the perfect combination of throwing power and accuracy.

Perfect Combination:
The Chiefs linebacker unit is solid. They compliment each other and have been the most enjoyable product to watch on the field this year. Tamba Hali is a sack machine, Derrick Johnson is a hard hitting guy w/ good coverage skills against the pass, and Justin Houston looks like he is borrowing a piece from both Hali and Johnson. I can not wait to see this unit next year when Eric Berry returns because having a competent safety allows you to blitz more frequently. The sky is the limit here.

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe:
I would like the rumor of Hailey and Dwayne Bowe not getting along to be true. If this was the case the likelihood of Bowe signing a long term deal will now seem possible. This has to be on Scott Piolis priority list right behind finding a new head coach.

The Wrap up:
Can the Chiefs pull an upset Sunday? No. Why bother watching? It will be interesting to watch the offense now that Hailey isn’t there. Kyle Orton is leaps and bounds better than Palko. The Chiefs need to concentrate not on winning but on not being blown out. Play for respect, and avoid getting cheese whizzed.

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