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Chiefs on the Web: Tuesday 9/15

If you’ve been paying attention to my links posts, you’ll notice that this weeks links are a day late.  I figured that nobody would be coming to this website during the game to read links while the Kansas City Chiefs are playing Monday Night football, so I figured I’d post them on Tuesday.  This way, I get to capture the articles written in reaction to that extremely exciting game.  So even though the game was nearly 24 hours ago, if you are in the same boat as I am you are still recovering from the late night.  So sit back, let me surf the  googlenets for you and check out the following links concerning your AFC West leading Kansas City Chiefs.

Chiefs Pre-Game Ceremony

By Patrick Allen
If you didn’t get to see the pre-game hoopla prior to the Monday Night Football game, well here you go.

AMC: Get Your Popcorn Ready

By Brian McGannon
Our own Brian McGannon dubs the Chiefs playmakers AMC.

Denny Thum Resigns as Chiefs’ President

By The Kansas City Star
It seems kind of a weird time to resign, but I’d be surprised if this was news to the Chiefs organization.

Kansas City Chiefs Win On Monday Night!!!

By Joshua Simpson
The Chiefs Command writer sums up the thoughts of the fanbase.

Chiefs vs Chargers – Breaking Down The O-Line Tape

By Bewsaf
Some very nice reviews of the line play.  Agian, this is the kind of analysis we need more of.

Week 1: Chiefs Vs Chargers Picture Play Analysis

By Kalophoenix
Now THIS is what I am talking about.  Real football breakdowns.  There needs to be more of this kind of stuff on the web.

Browns Want Brown At Opener

By April Reed
The Cleveland Browns will be having a Hall Of Fame Induction next week prior to the game with the Chiefs and want Jim Brown there, the always happy Brown says “No”

Bernard Pollard Tells Reggie Wayne Off

By David Matthews
It’s just a short video of ex-Chief Bernard Pollard doing some trash talking.  I still think it is kind of funny.
Feel free to post any links in the comments that I missed.

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