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Chiefs On The Web: Monday 9/6

Finally!  No more practice football games.  We can stop pretending that we are excited to watch 3rd string players play in a game of football in which nobody, including the players, care about the outcome.  This weeks links are mostly about cuts, practice squads and other minutia that will be long forgotten once the big games actually start happening.  I still don’t believe that the Kansas City Chiefs will be playing on Monday Night Football in seven days, it’s been too long.

Page Saga Has Predictable End

By Adam Teicher
In what should be a shocker to nobody, the Kansas City Chiefs trade Jarrad Page to the New England Patriots for a conditional pick.  At least we won’t have to hear about this anymore.

Kansas City Chiefs Success This Season Hinges On Week One Against The Chargers

By Brian Shannon
The title is nearly as long as the article and leaves little to the imagination, but fortunately for the Chiefs, its wrong.  In football, with only 16 games, each one takes on more importance than in any other sport.  However, its still only one game.  Its unlikely any team goes undefeated, so losing a game, particularly the fist game isn’t a season ender.  The fact it is on a Monday night is meaningless in the grand scheme of the season.  Let’s not start going overboard.

Demorrio Williams Rushes Into Chiefs Defensive Plans

By Kent Babb
I don’t know what to make of this article.  Maybe it’s that the chiefs have so little talent that they don’t have the pieces to play in the right positions, or maybe they are pretty deep at linebacker and are trying to utilize players where they can.   I also got the feeling that maybe the coaches don’t know how to utilize players properly and make them decide what they want to do, on the other hand maybe they are forcing players to take control of their destiny.  Just think….7 days until real football.

Chiefs Announce Practice Squad

By The Kansas City Chiefs
Here is a list of players that 99.9% of fans have never heard of, and this likely constitutes the most news these players will make all year. There is always the chance a guy can make his way all the way up to a contributor, like Andy Studebaker but it isn’t likely.  However, kudos to the players for continuing the dream and getting paid to be football players.

Chiefs Command Blogger Predictions

By Travis Pflanz and the rest of the Chiefs Command Crew
You are going to want to bookmark this one.  Busting a blogger for stupid predictions is something everyone enjoys, and having this one in your arsenal will be key.  Yours truly predicts a 4-12 season, but I do hope I am extremely wrong.

Chiefs Reportedly Claim Nose Tackle

By Greg Bedard
According to his agent, Nose Tackle Anthony Toribio was claimed by the Chiefs off of waivers.

Chiefs Announce Expanded Gameday Public Transportation

By The Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs now have 12 different locations you can be picked up by a bus to go to the home games.  They have also lowered the prices.  It’s unclear from the the article whether the kegs would be provided, so bring your own beer funnel just to be safe.

Tony Richardson’s Release Roils Jets

By Rich Cimini
Yes, the Jets released former Chief Tony Richardson.  Yes, it seems obvious that the Chiefs should pick him up.  No, I don’t think it will happen.

Say A Prayer for ol’ Grigs

By Randy Covitz
His voice has been synonomous with Sundays in Kansas City for as long as I can remember.  Bill Grigsby’s role has shrunk over the years and someday it will just be a memory.  Hopefully that day is a long time away.

Camp wrap: Best breakouts, rookies, redeemers*

By Clark Judge
Dexter McCluster, Maurice Carthon and Matt Cassel… I’ll let you guess which category each of these guys fall into.

*Added by Travis Pflanz

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