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Chiefs on the Web: Monday 9/27

Well now, 3-0.  Can’t say I thought we’d be here right now.  This weeks links are not surprisingly filled with optimism and will either look prophetic or absurdly hilarious in about 6 weeks.  Lets all hope for the former.  So if you are reading these in the evening, take a break from the kids/wife/girlfriend or all three and let me be your spiritual guide into the world of the intertubes Kansas City Chiefs style.  If you are reading these during the workday, good for you, stick it to the man.

Young Players Show Way For Chiefs

By Toriano L. Porter
I like to try and find links to good Chiefs articles outside of the same old, same old.  This weeks game article comes from the Blue Springs Examiner.

Rise And Shine, Chiefs Fans It’s A Brand New Day

By Sam Mellinger
The Kansas City Star columnist does his optimism thing with the Chiefs.  It’s still only three games. I think we should get excited, but there are still big holes on this team in my opinion.

NFL Week4: Where The Kansas City Chiefs Rank

By Chris Thorman
Over at Arowhead Pride, Chris runs the numbers to see where the Chiefs rank in a number of statistical categories.  The big one?  Chiefs rank #1 in rushing yards.

49ers’ A. Davis Accuses Chief of  Touch Foul

By Matt Maiocco
Two weeks in a row Shaun Smith is accused of getting up close and personal to an O-lineman’s junk.  Frankly he can lovingly caress it on national tv if he continues to play the way he did last week.

Chiefs vs 49ers -  Breaking Down The O-Line Tape

By Brewsaf
I’ve linked this before, and probably will link it every week.  This kind of analysis is rare around the NFL blogosphere, and it is very well executed here.  Brewsaf breaks down the Chiefs offensive line.  Prior to the season I predicted Ryan Lilja to be a standout player on the offense.  According to the numbers in the article, my prediction is looking good.

The Tony Moeaki Catch In All It’s Glory

By NFL.com
It was awesome all around, it was a huge play.  There’s no reason not to watch it again.

49ers fire embattled offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye

By NFL.com Wire
Yes, the 49ers offense looked terrible, however the Chiefs defense looked pretty darn good.  Regardless, firing an OC after 3 games seems like a losing proposition to me.  Who would have thought that the Chiefs would be leaving a path of destruction like this around the NFL this season?

Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis Has Emergency Gall Bladder Surgery

By Shan Sheriff
Here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery from the Chiefs OC.  Lots of people were probably saying it took a lot of gall to call some of the offensive plays on Sunday, apparently they were right.

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  • Thanks for the links Nick! I certainly didn't expect KC to be 3-0 at this point, but what a great way to start the season. More importantly, it seems that this team is starting to click. Love, love, love our rushing game. Larry who?

  • I am extremely, extremely surprised. I still think it is kind of mirage, but the last game was a very good performance. I still don't think cassel is good.

  • How you liking that 4-12 prediction? haha

  • until they win 5, anything is possible.

  • Wahhhh wahhhhhh. Such a debbie downer

  • Front Butt's Surgery link is incomplete

  • Young Players – Although I hate the term "rebuilding" in the NFL, where the average career is less than 3 years, this group of youngsters is really beginning to impress… I just want to hear Eric Berry's name called a little more often in the passing game

    Rise and Shine – I'm glad Wiegmann said it… “I was 6-0 last year and we went into the bye and we finished up 2-8." Don't look too far into the future… The Broncos have shown us that it is possible to piss away a great start… 4 years in a row now, I think.

    Chiefs Rank – Nothing here really surprises me except the defensive points allowed. That #1 rank in rushing MUST remain for the Chiefs to continue their success.

    Touch Foul – Nobody who has ever played football should be shocked at all. It happens at every level beginning in high school.

    O-Line Tape – Great piece as always. Still going to be hard to convince people that Lilja is the offensive star, however.

    Tony Moeaki Catch – I could watch that grab again and again.

    Jimmy Raye – When your opponent calls out the offensive play before it's run… You may begin wondering how safe your job may be.

    Gall Bladder – SS got no love from ESPN for breaking that story.

  • I am captain of the Ryan Lilja fan club. We meet weekly at Furr's Cafeteria. We used to invite Shaun Smith, but he kept fondling people, so we kicked him out.

  • Chiefs on the Web: Week 3 http://chiefscommand.com/chiefs-blog/coa… #NFL #KC #49ers #Chiefs Blog by @brokenbatsingle

  • RT @ChiefsCommand: Chiefs on the Web: Week 3 http://chiefscommand.com/chiefs-blog/coa… #NFL #KC #49ers #Chiefs Blog by @brokenbatsingle

  • Looks like the Ryan Lilja fan club is growing!

    “Add in stellar play from veteran ORG Ryan Lilja, and the Chiefs’ line is suddenly a fairly stacked group,” Pro Football Weekly, O-line the Chiefs’ unsung heroes.

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