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Chiefs on the Web: Monday 9/20

Whaddya know, the Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0.  They still have what looks like one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL and they don’t seem to score touchdowns, but results are results.  The offensive line, special teams and defense really carried the day.  I’ve collected some links around the interbots related to the team that I thought you would like.  If it’s still Monday night when you read these, don’t forget to watch the San Francisco 49ers, who will be the Chiefs week 3 opponent.

Brown Bagged: Chiefs Grind Out A Win

By Kent Babb
Kent does the game rundown with some good quotes out of the players and coaches. Matt Cassel said it was sloppy, but a W is all that matters.  Well, yes and no Matt, playing sloppy doesn’t get you a lot of wins so how you play, even in a win does matter.

Eric Berry’s Kansas City Chiefs Beat Browns, Get To 2-0: A First Hand Account

By John Durst
A nice little summary of the game by a Kansas City Chiefs fan who was there to witness it all.

Chiefs Can’t Keep Winning If Cassel Plays Like This

By Sam Mellinger

The subject pretty much says it all.  It isn’t groundbreaking, but it needs to be said and put in print.  The problems Cassel has are glaring and will hurt the team when they play better competition.

Jackson County comes up short on stadium payments

By Michael Mansur and Dave Helling
Cry me a river, the Chiefs and Royals aren’t getting the blood money they’ve screwed the taxpayers of Jackson County out of.  The teams have no real options to move anywhere and would reap tons of bad publicity if they were to suggest that they would.  Professional sports teams across America have been bilking tax payers out of money for a long time now.  I’d like to see, for once the local governments stand up to them and say no for once.

Chiefs Aren’t Stylish … Unless You Count That Spiffy 2-0 Record

By Clark Judge
Some national respect for the Chiefs coming out of CBS.  “..what it tells me about Kansas City is that we may have to start taking about the Chiefs seriously.”  Well, we are all pretty excited about the Chiefs here in Kansas City, but lets just take a breather here shall we?

The Morning After: Cleveland

By Josh Looney
KCChiefs.com writer Josh Looney gives his thoughts on the game and gives away his gameballs.  Recognizing the offensive line is absolutely right.  They gave Happy Feet Cassel tons and tons of time to throw.

Chiefs vs. Browns: Eric Berry Makes A Couple Of Rookie Mistakes

By Joel Thorman
Let’s be honest, Eric Berry has been completely abused to the tune of two touchdowns.  Yeah, he is a rookie and he has done some really good things, but teams should know for sure by now that they can set him up with a run play and destroy him with a play action pass.  Lets hope he learns to regulate his aggressiveness and become a smarter player.

Eric Berry So Far

By Patrick Allen
Another take on Eric Berry.  Fans are certainly paying attention to the 1st round draft pick.  I hope he can turn into what he is supposed to turn in to.  But I agree with Patrick on this.  Give him time and don’t get too worked up, his mistakes will be magnified as he is the last line of defense.

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  • Could not agree more about the stadium payment story.

    What a crock. We PAID FOR THE DAMN BUILDINGS!!!!!

  • Re: Jackson County comes up short on stadium payments – These situations are the reasons that you have to love the Steinbrenners and Jerry Joneses of the sports world, these guys spend their own money on their businesses, and don't charge the tax payer who could care less about sports.

    I'm all for the taxpayers telling sports teams to go screw themselves. If they think KC is a small market… I would like to see them try to find a better home in this economy than the ones they have.

  • Travis, the taxpayers in new york were involved in yankee stadium. Not sure about dallas.

  • @Nick – True, kinda. In NY the new $1.3 billion Yankee Stadium was built with bonds, and not straight tax dollars. In Dallas, Jerry Jones fronted about 70% of the $1.15 billion dollar Dallas Cowboys Stadium, with the remainder being split between bonds and taxes, with taxes covering a large area of north Texas.

    Jackson County residents paid $250 million in taxes on a $375 million Arrowhead Stadium renovation.

    Kind of funny that a smaller market, more specifically Jackson County, is ultimately paying more out of pocket than New York and Dallas (north Texas).

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