Chiefs on the Web: Monday 8/29

Welcome to the first Chiefs on the Web post here at Chiefs Command.  I’ll be your host for these links and you can count on me to bring you fresh Chiefs related links from around the web every Monday evening.  So, after a long day of working for The Man, make sure to grab your laptop and let me guide you through the interwebs Chiefs style while you watch Monday Night Football.  They will still be up and fresh on Tuesday morning as well if you want to grab a cup of coffee and try to look busy when old Lumbergh comes by the office to harass you.  This way you don’t have to scour the web yourself, I’ve done all the work for you.

Weis as an assistant coach might be a great thing for the Chiefs

by Sam Mellinger
Charlie Weis
is an arrogant egomaniac, he loves his family and is fine cashing a large paycheck as the O-Coordinator for the Chiefs.  He is also cool with being a subordinate to another arrogant egomaniac.

Chiefs Release Four Players

by Chiefs PR
Spoiler Alert, it’s: T/G Tyler Eastman, RB Kestahn Moore, TE Cody Slate and QB Bill Stull

Albert Shaping Up At Tackle For Chiefs

by Adam Teicher
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  Disappointing high draft pick is working extra hard and is in the best shape of his life.  Its a staple of preseason sports articles.

Sheffield Released From Hospital

by Randy Covitz
This is extremely good news.  If you saw LB Cameron Sheffield go down on Friday, it was ugly and scary.  I couldn’t shake the image from my brain until I heard he was moving and had feeling in his extremities.  Playing professional football is a dangerous business, it’s one of the reasons that the players are so handsomely rewarded.

How Will The Kansas City Chiefs Handle Preseason Injuries?

By Matt Connor
Good breakdown on what the latest injuries mean to the team on the field.

Earning Their Arrowheads

by Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen at The Arrowhead Addict lists off players he thinks have earned their helmet stickers.

Cassel’s A New Man In Kansas City

by Alex Marvez
Lots of talk in this article about Matt Cassel trying to be a better leader.  I’d be happy if he could just become better at being a quarterback though.

Chiefs vs Packers Official Game Preview

by The Kansas City Chiefs
This is a nice 16 page .pdf file put out by the Chiefs that gives you tons of information on the upcoming game.

Delay of game? Owners, players preparing for labor battle after 2010

By Randy Covitz
Enjoy the 2010 season, because the odds say there will be no 2011 season.

Larry Johnson Hits His Groove

by Jason Reid
He isn’t a Chief anymore, but people still have lots of interest in him.  Mostly, it seems, hopes that LJ will get cut.  This article might bash some of those hopes.

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  • With Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator and Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator, and Todd Haley NOT yelling at people, I am beginning to wonder what exactly Todd Haley does for the Chiefs in 2010…. At least when you're yelling people it appears as if you are doing something.

  • Weis is going to be interesting as OC. I think there are going to be some issues but hopefully there is a clear hierarchy of power and everyone knows their place.

    I like that Cassel article as well. Cassel doesn’t seem to fit that arrogant USC QB profile like Leinart and Sanchez do. He doesn’t have to lead per se but he should take the liberties a starting NFL QB has and give anyone in the offense the business if they aren’t with it, especially the WR’s. Cassel would have lost his voice with last year’s offense (Wade, Engram, Bradley, LJ).

  • If Charlie Weiss can't build a reasonably productive offense around the weapons the Chiefs have, Charles, Bowe, McCluster, Jones & Cassel, then he really shouldn't be an NFL Co-Ordinator. My feeling is that he will devise smart gameplans playing to the Chiefs offensive strengths, however only time will tell.

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