Trading for Randy Moss may not have been in the Chiefs' best interests

Chiefs make right call avoiding Moss

A long-time cliche is “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”

Apparently, the Kansas City Chiefs feel like things are rolling enough to where a little Moss might not have been a good idea.

I think they made the right call.

I will be the first to admit the Chiefs should sign Randy Moss if he goes to free agency. And maybe this could have been a sign and trade type deal like what happened with the Minnesota Vikings Wednesday morning.

However, all the Chiefs being involved would do is just drive Minnesota’s price higher. The Vikings are a desperate franchise, sitting at 1-2. This is a team that has given their souls to Brett Favre to get to the Super Bowl NOW. If they don’t make it this year and Brett Favre is truly done – I’ll believe that when I see it – then the last two years were a gigantic waste for the Vikings.

Randy Moss Trade Details

The Vikings will send a third-round 2011 draft pick to the Vikings in return for Moss and New England’s seventh-round draft pick in 2012, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

They HAD to bring in Moss. And they were going to do anything to get him. Outbidding the Vikings in this process would have done little for this team.

Yes, you improve your wide receiving corps. Yes, you give Matt Cassel a weapon he’s a little familiar with, as Moss had a 1,000-yard receiving season and double digit touchdowns with Cassel as his quarterback in 2008.

However, you already have a loose cannon receiver in Dwayne Bowe – one who disappears in games at times and opens his mouth inappropriately at other times. If the Chiefs are trying to get more out of Bowe, Moss might not be the role model you want there.

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    In addition, the Chiefs are in the midst of a process. Is this team a Randy Moss away from winning a Super Bowl? No. There are some other issues that need fixed. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli seems to have a plan. That draft pick that would have been given up could have turned into a decent player.

    Remember, people hated the Javier Arenas pick when it happened. “We traded Tony Gonzalez for Javier Arenas? That sucked.” Now, people seem to get what Arenas’ role is and like the move. He’s an electric return guy, a threat at any time.

    This team is not finished yet. But it’s getting closer. I’d like to see what Pioli can do with a full draft this year, as well as some key free agents. This team will be better next year than it is this year. And with a tougher schedule next year, the Chiefs are going to need every draft pick they can get to get things going in the right direction.

    There’s something to be said about “going for it” right now. If this were baseball, I’d agree. But with this being football, I think acting rashly is not in the Chiefs best interests, especially when they are building a team with “character” guys.

    Moss doesn’t fit into this team’s plans this year, nor does he fit into them for the forseeable future, as he will inevitably start declining in skills.

    And if Cassel continues to struggle DESPITE having Moss, that could cause problems with the new No. 1 receiver.

    With Moss, you never truly know what you’re going to get – either the disruptive force or the guy eager to prove how good he is. Minnesota’s banking on the latter. However, for a team like the Chiefs, you have to be fully aware of the former – which is why Pioli probably passed.

    The only thing we know is this – Brett Favre’s stock went up in fantasy football. Tom Brady‘s just went down. And the New York Jets look like a safer pick to win the AFC East.

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    • Chiefs make right call avoiding Moss… #NFL #KC #Chiefs Blog by @jasontarwater

    • I have to disagree immensely!

      The Vikings didn’t give much at all for Moss… A team with nobody to lead the Chiefs at WR, or scare defenses could REALLY use the services of a stud like Moss, even if for only less than a year.

    • Side note… Thanks for breaking the news to me.

      Silly boy… Watching MLB post-season preview show on MLB network instead of ESPN!!!

    • I completely agree with this post. first time i can say this as i normally disagree with you, haha.

    • Yeah, I figure this will be one of my more controversial posts.

      Unfortunately, we won’t TRULY know where the Chiefs are as a team until after these next two games – arguably the toughest two of the season for the Chiefs. With or without Moss, there’s a chance this team goes 0-2 against Indy and Houston.

      So if you’re 3-2 and you already traded for Moss, do you start to have some buyer remorse? I just think there are too many things that could go wrong to take the chance on Moss.

      Plus, as I put in there earlier, there was NO WAY the Chiefs were getting him for a third. It would have had to be AT LEAST a second, maybe a first as a bidding war got going with the Vikings – who were practically prepared to give up two picks for Vincent Jackson. There was NO WAY they were going to let the Chiefs beat their offer.

      So if you get into that bidding war, it becomes less and less worth it. Plus, Pioli hasn’t shown – here or in New England – to be a guy who wants to get into a bidding war. They stole Moss for a fourth, which was essentially a fifth.

      Pioli – and Bellichick’s – MO is to take advantage of GM’s who are desperate to make a move. That GM is in Minnesota right now. Much more desperation for everyone involved with the Vikings with the Chiefs, which is why that move would not have happened here.

    • Just wait until Bowe can’t burn or out-jump someone in the last minute of a crucial game… That will change your POV

    • @Jason – you wrote the last reply s I was typing… I would be willing to give up a 2nd if it came to it.

      Disclaimer: I am a HUGE Randy Moss fan, ever since he was at Marshall.

    • Give us your feedback, should the #Chiefs have made a play to trade for Randy Moss?… #NFL #Vikings #Patriots

    • No, I agree, No. 1 WR doesn’t exist with this team. I’m just not sure Moss is the answer. Because if you put Moss on this team, I don’t think he’s that productive. His primary benefit is getting Bowe “more open.”

      I’ve mentioned before that Weis doesn’t know what to do with Jamaal Charles, because he never had a player like that. I’ll argue he wouldn’t know what to do with Moss. His No. 1 receiver in NE during the Super Bowl days was Troy Brown. Not exactly Moss-like.

      Bringing Randy Moss in would appear to me like Schottenheimer bringing in Bam Morris and the like during his last few years here, trying desperately to win.

      The Chiefs aren’t in a “must win now” situation. I’ll argue they have one of the best young nuclei in football.

      Moss would have helped, but the Chiefs weren’t in a position of desperation like the Vikings were and I don’t think they could have outbid them if it came to that. And if they did, it was probably a first and maybe more. That’s how badly the Vikings needed a player like Moss.

    • @ChiefsCommand Heck yes they should have! #Chiefs

    • What do you think, should the #Chiefs have made a play to trade for Randy Moss?… #NFL #Vikings #Patriots

    • @ChiefsCommand I don’t even know if Randy would have wanted to come to KC. An unhappy Moss = no effort.

    • Championship teams like the Colts, Patriots and Steelers aren’t built by making trades like this. A third round pick is much more valuable than it used to be (See Moeaki, Tony and Asamoah, Jon)

    • RT @ChiefsCommand: Give us your feedback, should the #Chiefs have made a play to trade for Randy Moss?… #NFL #Viking …

    • They aren’t built by making trades like that because they aren’t in situations where they SHOULD make a trade like that.

      I think draft picks are over-rated…. Give me proven studs and I will give you my 3rd round pick every year. The average NFL career is less than 2 and a half years… I’ll take that 23-26+ year-old guy who has been productive for 3+ years rather than take a chance on any number of infinite NFL draft busts.

      Bet… Pats are regretting this trade in 3 weeks… And miss the playoffs.

      The thing the national media keeps missing completely when talking about the Moss trade is the fact the Pats D and special teams completely rolled the Dolphins on Monday night.

      They keep telling us that Moss was non-existent in the game while the Pats dominated the Fins… The casual fan automatically assumes, “the offense scored all those points without Moss!”

      This offense is getting depleted at an enormous rate due to injuries and trades. People expect Brandon Tate to step in for Moss… That’s a joke!

      Brady starts forcing the ball to his ONLY sure weapon, Wes Welker, and turnovers become the norm… Just watch and wait!

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