Chiefs’ Madden 12 Ratings

Ok, these aren’t the official ratings for Madden 12, but this is just a fun post I’ve been planning since the season ended. Excuse me while I nerd out.

Offense: 85 Overall

Matt Cassel: 87. There could be an argument made that he should be in the 90s, but he was too inconsistent to be ranked any higher. He’ll probably get ranked higher in the online rankings if his INT numbers stay the same in 2011.

Jamaal Charles: 98. Should be the highest ranked running back on the game. His fumbles are the only thing keeping him from being a 99. I have a feeling JC will be the reason for many broken PS3/XBox headsets next year.

Thomas Jones: 84. Truck stick, anyone?

Jackie Battle: 75. Nice little 3rd stringer.

Dwayne Bowe: 94. I mean, you can’t complain about this, right?

Kevin Curtis: 82. A former 1000-yard receiver should get the benefit of the doubt. Should be interesting to see if the Chiefs hold on to him.

Dexter McCluster: 85. Speed and agility rating will always give a nice boost to any player’s overall rating.

Tony Moeaki: 86. In franchise mode, his potential should be an “A”. Will be fun watching him develop in Dynasty Mode.

Branden Albert: 90. I wasn’t sold on him at the beginning of the year, but he really turned in a very good season.

Brian Waters: 88. Perennial Pro Bowler and 90+ rated player on Madden should see his rating start to drop as his age goes up.

Casey Wiegmann: 85. Same story as Waters. Questionable if he will even be a starter next year though.

Ryan Lilja: 87. Was rated an 82 this year, but I expect to see it go up into the upper 80s and possibly into the lower 90s.

Barry Richardson: 81. Had his struggles this year, but should be a nice starter if we don’t assess this position in the draft.

Defense: 84 Overall

Glenn Dorsey: 85. His sack numbers won’t get him any love, but Dorsey has all the makings of a guy who improves significantly.

Tyson Jackson: 78. Won’t get much help from yet another disappointing season. Showed promise late in the season.

Shaun Smith: 82. Don’t see much reason to rank him any higher.

Ron Edwards: 82. I don’t think he’ll be on the team next year.

Tamba Hali: 94. His sack numbers will provide a nice jump for him in his overall ranking.

Derrick Johnson: 95. He was a 99 overall his senior year on NCAA Football 05, anything lower than a 93 overall will be a joke.

Jovan Belcher: 81. Can’t see him going much higher than this.

Mike Vrabel: 79. Might see him retire this offseason.

Andy Studebaker: 80. I want to see him get some love.

Brandon Flowers: 90. Flowers INT numbers won’t help him much. I think he’ll once again be underrated.

Brandon Carr: 86. I could be wrong here. There’s usually a guy on each team rated higher than you would think. Carr might be that guy.

Eric Berry: 89. On his way to being a perennial 95+ rated player.

Kendrick Lewis: 83. Our safeties might be the envy of the NFL in a few years.

Special Teams: 91 overall

Ryan Succop: 87. Got a big leg and good accuracy, made big clutch kicks. Only thing hurting him is the fact that he hasn’t made a name for himself yet in the league.

Dustin Colquitt: 94. Any question here?

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  • Charles will be about a 95. DJ will be nowhere near 95, probably about an 88. McCluster you have WAY too high, he’ll be about a 75, if that.
    Moeaki will probably be in the low eighties/high seventies.
    And Bowe I bet will be at about a 90.

  • Yeah, who knows whether they’ll keep Kevin Curtis around? He came out of nowhere and barely saw the ball. He probably has a better chance of returning than Chris Chambers.

    I might just have to get Madden this season

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