Jackie Battle v. Colts 2011 week 5

Chiefs Not Out of the Luck Sweepstakes Yet

The Kansas City Chiefs have put together two straight wins after dropping the first three games of the season.  Matt Cassel seems to finally be playing at a solid level and the defense has picked it up despite the loss of Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry.

While I want to be positive, a look at the schedule shows that the Chiefs are still in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  The Chiefs still play every team that made it to their respective Conference championship games last year, the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, and Pittsburgh Steelers.  While three of these four teams do not look as strong as they were last year they will still be in playoff contention and playing for a playoff berth.  The Chiefs also have to travel to New England where the Patriots have won 19 straight regular season home games and have scored 30 or more points in 13 straight games.  The only bright spots are two games with division rival Denver Broncos and a home game against the winless Miami Dolphins.

The Chiefs are heading into their bye week with two straight wins which always helps confidence.  After the bye they travel to Oakland to take on the hated Raiders.  A best case scenario for the Chiefs seems to be a 6-10 season.  Worst case scenario could be 3-13.  A 3-13 season will cost Todd Haley and his job and put the Chiefs in a likely top 3 pick in the 2012 draft.

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  • I think we split with the Raiders, beat Denver 2 times and beat Miami… So that’s it? Nah…

  • We will not get Lucky enough, to be bad enough to get Luck. I just want to be bad enough to cost Haley his job so we can Hire Bill Cowher or Jeff Fisher. Thats all I want’

  • I would love to have cowher but really everyone has to take a step back and wonder if pioli can pull a cowher hire off! Cowher in pittsburg was a coach with hands on with gm moves. I don’t think pioli will ever hire a coach that he can’t bully around in to his train of thought.

  • I personally would rather have Fisher than Cowher but Fisher likes to run a 4-3 defense which would go against what Pioli and the Chiefs have been drafting for the past couple of years.

  • I don’t see the Chiefs bringing in Cowher. Pioli hires people he knows, and he is not really familiar with Cowher. I don’t understand why everyone is dogging on Haley, I mean sure, the preseason wasn’t handled well at all and the first two weeks were horrid, but the last three weeks have shown great improvement. I agree with Travis, we MIGHT split the Raiders, although I have a feeling we could go into Oakland and win. Reason being, no matter what the records are for either team, the game is always close and challenging. One from Oakland, two from Denver, Miami, San Diego, and the Bears/Jets are my picks for games to take. I think we can at least go 8-8 barring any more significant injuries. Potentially 9-7 if we beat both the Bears and Jets, but 8-8 is more likely. I’d be fine with that, and Haley would not be at risk of losing his job, and would be able to work all offseason with the players on conditioning and getting even more comfortable in the system.

  • I think all the “who’s the next head coach” talk is funny… And I don’t believe the “if Haley didn’t win, he would be fired talk.”

    Why the hell would Clark keep Pioli around if Haley was fired?

    I think it is apparent how much the team respects Haley, and we all know Haley forced Pioli to draft Eric Berry.

    I’ve said it from the beginning, and stick to it now, if one is to get fired, it is Pioli, not Haley… If not both.

  • Oh ya, my new schedule run-down is posting tomorrow… I don’t want to give any hints beforehand.

  • @Travis I think it’s highly likely that Haley gets fired and Pioli keeps his job. They could both be fired but why would Pioli get fired but not Haley. That doesn’t happen. A GM gets two chances with head coaches unless the GM is really bad. I haven’t been too high on Pioli but I doubt Clark Hunt cleans house. If Bill Cowher wants to be here as GM or in a dual role like Belichick, that would be fine and Clark can clean house. I doubt he does. If he is anything like his father, Pioli could be a fixture for a generation like Hot Carl

    @Bryce. Suck For Luck is over but the Chiefs prospects of getting Luck have not been shut down. They can still trade picks to get the #1 pick. It would have been a lot cheaper to get him by losing games but if the Chiefs want him, they can give the best offer if the team with the pick is willing to trade.

  • @Sterling The Chiefs will have to make the playoffs for Haley to avoid being fired and, even then, he still may be. If the Pioli leaks are real, it seems like Haley is already a lame duck season. Haley deserves to go and he will at the end of the season unless he does something to peeve Pioli off, which could happen. I hope Pioli makes a serious choice for a head coach this time because if the next coach falters, Pioli may be on his way out to.

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