Chiefs loss to Dolphins is Irrelevant, if not Blessing

The Kansas City Chiefs lose in week 9 to the, previously winless,  Miami Dolphins.

Chiefs Nation experienced a huge let down well before the game officially ended around 3pm local time. The Chiefs lost their early 3 point lead early and never looked back… or forward. The Chiefs were blown out by the Dolphins 31-3.

I will not give a recap of this game, Chiefs Command blogger, Michael Parr has given his recap and I will direct you to read it instead, my thoughts on the game could be summed up similarly - Chiefs – Dolphins: Post Game Remarks

Also, my apologies for a lack of a “5 Reasons the Dolphins could Beat the Chiefs” article this week… Although, I will tell you it would have been a snoozer. Miami and national sports personalities I spoke with this week were extremely vague when asked to give reasons the Dolphins could beat the Chiefs, most giving “any given Sunday” type responses… Even some very well known national NFL writers… It’s probably better for their reputations in the Kansas City market that I didn’t publish my article after all… I know I lost a lot of respect for those writers after their no-thought answers. A non-response would have been better in most cases.


Following their loss to the Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs watched the Green Bay Packers out play the San Diego Chargers to the tune of 45-38.

As well, the Denver Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders 38-24.

For the Chiefs, this means there has been no change atop the AFC West… The Chiefs are still leaders of the division due to tie-breakers, with Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders at 4-4, while the Broncos now sit at 3-5


I won’t argue, maybe this loss isn’t exactly a blessing in disguise…

I absolutely do not want to hear the phrases “short week” or “trap game” from the Chiefs organization, KC media or Chiefs fans… The Chiefs received an ass whoopin’, plain and simple.

The blessing in the loss is simple – It did not affect the Chiefs in the standings, while letting everyone involved with the Chiefs know, including fans, this team must fight every single week… Players and coaches must give it their all every week if this team expects to succeed in 2012… This team may not be as good as their record shows.

During the post-game show on 610 Sports, Bill Maas put the Kansas City Chiefs in the bottom 1/3 of the NFL in regards to team skill and ability.

To be worried about…

The AFC West, as a whole, does not look good. To make the playoffs, the Chiefs MUST win the AFC West. An AFC Wild Card playoff appearance is out of the question for any team in the AFC West.

The Chargers offense started rolling in week 9… Not a good sign for the Chiefs or Chiefs fans…

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  • ” The Chiefs received an ass whoopin’, plain and simple.” You are right on the money with that, no excuses it was what it was.
    Thanks for the mention.

  • I think the Chiefs needed this low to go with their high (last week). It will bring them down to reality. They will play better in the coming weeks.

  • The AFC West is probably going to come down to whoever has the best divisional record. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes down to the very last game to decide who makes the playoffs.

    You’ll know a lot more about the Chiefs next week when they play the Broncos. It is a game that they *should* win on paper, Tebow can be pressed into making mistakes, but I think the raiders made a mistake by going after him with 8 in the box.

    If the chiefs are smart, they will rush 4 all day, and force Tebow to read heavy pass coverage. I’m still not convinced he can read a good cover 2, but he can dice you up west coast style when you bring blitzes.

    Sorry for the derail.

  • The Chiefs were exposed for exactly what they are. They are a average football team on their best day. All the excuses in the world cannot excuse the beating they took yesterday. Even with adjustments and better preparation, I can see a repeat performance with another loss at Arrowhead. The Raiders knew what Tebow was going to do and still couldn’t stop him. This division is the worst in football and I wouldn’t expect much more from the Chiefs than what I saw from Oakland last week.

  • Quick question, What happened to Thomas Jones??

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