Chiefs VS. Jets: Random Ramblings

It has been a season of streaks for the Chiefs, losing their first three, then winning four straight, followed by losing the next three. Last week they won on a wing and prayer, so its only logical that the boys in red should win this game, after all it only takes two consecutive wins/losses to have a streak. The Jets are up next on the Chiefs plate, in which both teams need a win to keep hopes alive for a possible wild card birth. Now for some random ramblings…

The Travis Daniels Experiment:
The last two games the Chiefs have been putting Travis Daniels in at strong safety during third down situations. He had a pick against Pittsburgh and he blanketed Devin Hester last week. So far so good, I’d like to see him play there permanently.

Houston, we have NO problem:
Justin Houston had his best game of the year last week and is making his case for the best pick in last years draft. If his play continues to improve, the Chiefs could boast having one of the best linebacker units in the NFL with Houston, Derrick Johnson, and Tamba Hali.

Mediocre Mark:
It is year 3 for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. His numbers are very bland. 48 touchdowns to 44 interceptions and a 73.3 qb rating thus far. Sanchez is not very good in the clutch. I believe with another quarterback the Jets would soar with the talent that they have. I will never forget last years AFC championship game, instead of studying pics and discussing gameplans Sanchez was wiping snot on Mark Brunell.

Romeo to D or not to D:
Romeo Crennel has done a great job with his defensive schemes this year. There has been talk of him being a head coaching canidate if Todd Haley is fired. I do not want that to happen. When Crennel coached the Browns he was a complete push over, players had little to no discipline and they took advantage of Crennel. He was dubbed the teddy bear with a golden heart. Defense is his specialty, and I hope that he stays on as coordinator even if Haley is canned.

The Wrap Up:
The Chiefs are going to have to create turnovers and score off of them to have any kind of a shot to win this one. Tyler Palko is going to face a secondary that is as solid and stealthy as they come. Hopefully the Jets crash land on the mistakes of Sanchez.

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  • Great read. Daniels has been more than passable at safety. He should take all of Sabby GTL’s snaps too. As much as the Chiefs need a QB, at least they didn’t invest in Sanchez. I think the Chiefs could luck into anothet one as the Jets lost to Tebow’s Donkey show as well. I have my doubts because Sanchez is still better than Hanie by a long shot.

  • Do you know Sanchez home Rating? Not a huge fan but I think the offense doesn’t fit his style he used at USC. Should be a good game. Jets always seem to pull thru when they need to.

  • @Joshua: Your right Sanchez is a few notches above Haines, but I still think he’s good for a pick or two Sunday.

    @Brian: I think Sanchez would be a good backup. He averages 15 picks a season and there are still gamescleft this year, so its looking like a pick a game. If he could improve his deep ball it would go alot better for him.

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