Chiefs in the AFC West driver’s seat after Week 7

The Chiefs are in control now. Make no doubt about it. San Diego and Denver are now 2-5. Putting them at a gigantic disadvantage in the division race. Think about it, they will have to go 8-1 the rest of the way to win 10 games. Not an easy task if you ask me.

I mean, these teams have to go 6-3 in their remaining nine games just to be .500! So now we’re going to start getting into conversations about home field advantage, possible playoff matchups, etc. Of course, it’s only Week 7 and the Chargers, Broncos and/or Raiders could very well shock the world and win out the remainder of their schedule(s) and leapfrog the Chiefs in the standings.

But the math is there right now. We’re nearly at the halfway point of the season, six games in, and the Chiefs have won four games, including two by way of a blowout. The Jags weren’t necessarily a pushover, yet the Chiefs absolutely thrashed them down the stretch. We looked solid in every facet of the game on Sunday. We played the brand of football that we’ll likely be seeing year in and year out while Scott Pioli and Todd Haley are in charge. Smashmouth, run the ball, bend-don’t-break, playmaking defense, limit turnovers, Kansas City Chiefs football.

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    So here we sit, Week 7. So now you ask, is this the part where he says it? Where he says the Broncos and Chargers are finished?

    Maybe. The Broncos just got murdered by the Raiders. The Chargers are a shadow of what they once were, which wasn’t even that great in the first place if you ask me. So is the rest of the AFC West dead in the water? Not quite. But there is definitely blood in the waters of the division. Can the Chiefs sniff it out and sink these teams to the fathoms below?

    Also, you cannot count out the Raiders after the way they played today. Something happened to Darren McFadden, I have no idea what it was, but I hope it was just a one time thing. I still think the Chiefs are the best team in this division. Now it’s time to prove it.

    It’s the Buffalo Bills next week, a team that some fans are worrying about. Sure, they almost beat the Ravens on the road on Sunday, but the Bills are a team that could shock you. I’m sure the Chiefs won’t take them lightly. Plus, I doubt Todd Haley would be comfortable losing to the guy he fired two weeks before the 2009 season started because he thought he would do a better job than he. Chan Gailey probably wouldn’t mind sticking it to his former boss.

    But after Buffalo, it’s a critical stretch. At Oakland. At Denver. The blood is in the water.

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    • reinforcing what i wrote this week. I don’t see anyone catching us. not with our schedule and not with how bad this division is. Like you said, the SD/DEN would have to go 8-1 to get to 10, and raiders are still, well, the raiders.

    • I know it sounds as if I am the “negative” on on CC, but those of you who know me (or ever actually read what I write), know that not to be true about this Chiefs team.

      I simply approach each week/situation with a true gambler’s approach when evaluating the upcoming game/season-long situation… 100% unbiased, unemotional (until game time) and cautiously optimistic.

      I am damn’ excited about the possibilities of this Chiefs team. I am shocked the Chargers are losing. The Broncos looked bad, then good, now bad again. Raiders… Who knows?

      I think most of us at CC thought the Chiefs and Raiders both took a step forward entering the 2010 season, while the Chargers and Broncos both took a step back… That’s looking to be the case.

      Oh ya… I AM worried about the Bills. No matter their record, Ryan Fitzpatrick as been fantastic while leading this team… #2 in the NFL with a QB rating of 102.0 (in 4 games)

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