Chiefs fight, can’t hold on

Hey, at least we kept it close right?

A loss is a loss is a loss, but the Chiefs played a very good game today. Despite what the final score read or how many drops Dwayne Bowe had, the Kansas City Chiefs took the defending AFC champion Indianapolis Colts to the wire today.

The Chiefs were in this game, holding the most prolific passing offense in the NFL to three field goals, all the way until the 4th quarter until they got outscored 10-0 in the final frame. Peyton Manning threw for nearly 250 yards, but the Chiefs’ “bend don’t break” defense held strong, especially in the red zone.

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    Peyton Manning didn’t beat the Chiefs. He threw an interception to Jon McGraw and nearly gave the Chiefs a breath of life in the 2nd quarter when a sure pick six went right through Derrick Johnson’s hands.

    The Chiefs didn’t beat themselves. One turnover on a Jamaal Charles fumble, that quite honestly would have been a fumble for any NFL running back. It’s hard to hold onto the football when someone puts a hat on the ball when the runner is on their way to the ground.

    Here’s the encouraging part.

    The Chiefs went the distance with Peyton Manning and the Colts.

    It reminded me of the movie Rocky (you’ve probably heard of it). No one gave him a chance going into the fight, but he went the distance with the champ, Apollo Creed. He knew he wouldn’t win the fight, but he knew he could go the distance and if he stayed in the fight long enough, he might just knock Apollo out.

    Well, we all know how the movie ends. Apollo wins on a split decision and retains the title. Rocky, bloodied and bruised calls out for his girlfriend. Roll credits.

    But guess what? He beat Apollo Creed just months later in front of his hometown and went on to international stardom and five sequels.

    Are the Chiefs the football version of Rocky? A team that no one gave a puncher’s chance to do anything this year besides win six games?

    We’ll see how they rebound against the Houston Texans next week. After the way Houston played today, I’m feeling pretty good about this team’s chances going into Week Six.

    Hopefully the sequel to this movie doesn’t suck as bad as Rocky V.

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    • Todd Haley had a hand in this loss. I am not going to blame him completely but this is the second non-4th quarter onside kick the Chiefs have failed to recover. That is a bad way to start the game off and going for it on 4th and 2 instead of getting the points was also dumb.

      There is a time for risk but neither risks taken were timely. Kick the ball down the field and get the points.

      There could very well be a rematch. Perhaps in Arrowhead even. I like how this defense operates. They nearly had Peyton looking like Philip Rivers. The offense is a different story. There is a lot of potential there but that bunch needs tightening up. Blame whoever because it’s not just Matt Cassel who is disappointing. 1 for 10 on 3rd down doesn’t cut it.

    • Would have been nice if the Colts would have needed a length-of-the-field drive to win the game, rather than a kneel down.

      1st quarter, field goal on 4th down rather than going for it… Plus 3
      Bowe dropped TD after McGraw INT, settled for FG… Plus 4
      Missed long FG in 4th quarter… Plus 3

      There’s your 10 point differential… Would have been nice if the Colts need to drive the field with 40 seconds remaining, rather than kneeling down… As much as I want to blame Cassel, these are the 3 points I am looking at first.

    • @Joshua – I’m not gonna beat on Haley too much for the onside kick… I like aggressive and unexpected plays. Plus, the D held the Colts to a FG.

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