Chiefs’ fans should be nervous, not cocky, for Broncos

I overheard this conversation earlier this week:

Guy1: Hey man, you going to the game Sunday?

Guy2: Eh, I don’t know. I think we’re going to beat the crap out of Denver, so I’ll just stay at home and watch it.

Guy1: Yeah, the Broncos are terrible.

Hey, snap out of it. We’re not going to just waltz into Arrowhead Stadium and beat the crap out of a team who just beat us by 20 points three weeks ago. The Chiefs are in for a battle this weekend at Arrowhead. You think the Broncos are just going to lay down and let the Chiefs walk all over them?

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    They Broncos are playing for their season. They’re playing for their coach, whose name has been dragged through the mud since the last time the two teams met. The Broncos will be here to play, no doubt.

    The Chiefs probably win this game 85 times out of 100, but there’s still that chance that the Broncos do to us what they did in Denver. I doubt that happens, but this is FAR from a cake walk.

    The Chiefs are built to physically dominate teams and put games away on the ground. The Broncos are built to get out to big leads and pile up yards through the air. Here’s what I’m getting at. The Broncos are a team that are difficult to put away early. They are going to stick around and stick around and keep chopping away at leads with their all-world passing attack.

    Brandon Flowers is going to be out, and the secondary as a whole will be banged up. The key for the Chiefs this weekend is simple: get to the quarterback. If you disrupt Kyle Orton, you disrupt the entire Denver offense. You disrupt the Broncos offense, and you disrupt the Broncos overall. The Broncos can’t run the ball. They can’t. Gunther Cunningham once said that if you disrupt the quarterback, you take out the heart of the opposing team. Getting pressure on Kyle Orton will be the key.

    Here’s my last plea. Please go to this game. If I see blotches of empty seats in the upper deck and club level against the Denver Broncos in December, it will break my heart. Arrowhead used to be an animal. It was like the building was alive in December. This stadium’s prime time is in the final month of the year. Arrowhead in December is a monster. I’m hoping there are 75,000 pissed off Chiefs fans ready to blow Kyle Orton’s ear drums out.

    The Chiefs can’t get swept by the Broncos. Good teams don’t get swept. They just don’t. I’m expecting a Chiefs win, but I can’t put this one down in the win column, not yet. I don’t think looking ahead is an issue with the players on this team, but I can sense that most fans are already putting this game in our rear-view mirror. Let me be clear: WE CAN’T DO THAT YET. If we had a three game lead on San Diego and had all-pros at every position, then maybe. But this is the NFL and there are no guarantees.

    Beat Denver. Then you can look on to San Diego. Time to take care of the business at hand.

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    • Denver still scares me but the Chiefs should have a solution to win. If the Chiefs lose this game, it shows they can’t stop a competent passing attack. I already think they will have problems with any team they play in the Wild Card round, provided they make the playoffs. If they lose this game, how will they ever make the playoffs.

      I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to go to a game if he/she knew the Chiefs would win. You stay home if it is a close game because you see more of the game on your own television. If it is going to be a Chiefs rout, wouldn’t you want to go to the game and have a good time?

    • I haven’t been to a game this year, and I can honestly say that I haven’t really missed it that much.

      I don’t know if it is getting older or that I really enjoy watching multiple games and talking trash with my friends who are Broncos and Rams fans or what… Honestly, it’s only a free ticket that would get me out to the stadium.

    • This game essentially comes down to this.

      If the Chiefs lose, the season may be over.

      You can still get the Chargers game. The Chargers could still lose to Oakland.

      But most likely, if the Chiefs lose this game Sunday, it puts a GIGANTIC hole in their playoff hopes.

    • @ChiefsCommand No they shouldn’t Broncos should be scared of the Chiefs. They aren’t going off in our house.

    • @ShaneCoston Hope you’re right. I’m betting the #Chiefs go back to focusing on the run and controlling the clock this week.

    • @ChiefsCommand I think the Chiefs are going to continue to be balanced. Bowe gets at least two more TD’s tomorrow.

    • Will say one other thing – I know where the “cockiness” is coming from. It’s a simple thought process.

      I don’t think there’s anyone who thinks the Bronco are a better team than the Chiefs. They’re just not. So you feel like the earlier game was a fluke.

      The mentality is, the Chiefs underestimated the Broncos last time, so they have their full attention now. I have no problem with a fanbase thinking this, since this coaching staff – which will probably have their hands full – is definitely not looking past this team this week.

      That said, this could just be a bad matchup for the Chiefs. I did say after the Denver loss that I didn’t think the Chiefs were going to beat Denver AND Oakland both at home. This is the first test of that.

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