Chiefs VS. Dolphins: Random Ramblings

Anyone elses still CHARGERED up from Monday nights spooktakular overtime win?  The worst day ever for Philip Rivers was an instant classic in the minds of Chiefs fans worldwide. The Kansas City Chiefs will host the winless Miami Dolphins this Sunday in what might be a closer game than anyone is expecting. Now for some random ramblings…

Last week I said I would decide which side of the Matt Cassel fence to land on, so here it is. I am for Matt Cassel. I really believe he has more upside than what most people are giving him credit for. The Chiefs need to get the plays to him sooner, the less he has to think the better he is. He has the ability to find receivers on broken plays and is now adding the ability to recoginize when to tuck and run. It could be worse, we could have Tim Tebow. Matt Cassel just has to play mistake free, smart football and be serviceable.

John McGraw is a liability!  He makes way more mistakes in games than any calculator can equate.  It’s not like the Chiefs haven’t taken risks on rookies before.  Jalil Brown has been inactive for much of the season, why not give him a chance at starting in Javier Arenas’ nickel corner slot and move Javier to strong safety.  What could it hurt?

Jonathan Baldwin may be the key to opening up the Chiefs passing game.  Since there has been absolutely zero production from the tight-end position all season, having three receivers that can stretch the field and not allow a safety to sneak up and play the run will pay dividends to the ground game.  I dont want to praise Baldwin too soon, he did drop a few passes that hit him in the hands, but lets remember this is only his second game.

Jackie Battle… I was wrong!  He is a down hill runner that is constantly moving forward.  When Todd Haley uses you more than his boy Thomas Jones, you know you have to be doing something right.

Dexter McCluster has certainly rejuvenated himself since the week one fumbled kickoff at home against Buffalo.  They finally got him into space and allowed him to juke and jostle his way for much needed extra yards Monday night.  If it wasn’t for him gaining key field position in overtime last week the outcome may have been entirely different.

What can i say about the man, the myth, the legend that is Tamba Hali? All i can say is thank God Scott Pioli inked him to a five year deal.  He is a beast among children, and I’m sure we will see him in Canton before it’s all over.

There is not one category that stands out when it comes to statistics when breaking down this Sunday’s matchup; the Chiefs and Dolphins are almost identical in many of the key stats.  For example, the Dolphins give up 23.7 points per game while the Chiefs give up 24.3.  Offensively, the Dolphins score 15.3 points per game and the Chiefs score 18.3.  Believe it or not, the Dolphins actually average more yards passing than the Chiefs do, which brings me to my game prediction.  The Chiefs will win 24-21 in a nail-biter! Lets just hope the confidence doesn’t betray the Chiefs and they continue to use that momentum as a giant tuna net this weekend.


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  • Nicely said. I am not sure if there will be so many points both teams struggling to put points up but I do think it will be a close game hopefully the Chiefs can be on top and pull another W.

  • McGraw isn’t the best in coverage but he does make some plays–sometimes. I’m really not sure we have another option. I would like to see some more of what Donald Washington can do. Arenas isn’t the greatest in coverage. Brown seems to be physical at the line but needs more experience to read offenses and routes.

  • McGraw gets nuked out of his shoes at least 3 times a game. I think your right D. Wash3 could be the man but he is often late reacting to the run. Experimenting is worth a try.

  • juked not nuked.

    Anyone know what James Hastys doing nowadays?

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