Cleveland Browns Stadium

Chiefs destroy Browns in Cleveland, 16-14

Ugly. But we’ll take it.

Hey Kansas City, your Chiefs are 2-0 for the first time since 2005, when they became the first 10 win team in NFL history to miss the playoffs.

As ugly as this game was, there were some definite positives to take away from this game. As the resident optimist on Chiefs Command, here’s what I was impressed with:

Derrick Johnson

DJ had another great game. His name was called several times during the game and he was crucial in shutting down Jerome Harrison. He was in on several screen plays that shut down Cleveland’s offensive rhythm.

Ryan Succop

In a game that featured the boring part of the Chiefs special teams’ attack, Mr. Irrelevant booted three field goals on a tough, windy day on the shores of Lake Erie. Succop contributed 10 of the Chiefs 16 points and did a great job on kickoffs as well, keeping the ball out of Josh Cribbs‘ hands.

Matt Cassel in the 2nd Half

He looked downright horrible in the first half. But give him some credit. He rallied in the second half and led the Chiefs on some great drives, finding Dwayne Bowe and Tony Moeaki on critical 3rd down plays and created some medium sized plays for the Chiefs.

Tony Moeaki

Wow. Star in the making? He’s got hands of gold. And by gold, I mean soft as puppy fur and sticky as a Canadian breakfast plate. May be too early to tell on Tony Mo, but he’s showcased some fantastic ability in both of his first career games.


When you win games that are this close, the coaches are the difference. Sure the Browns gashed the Chiefs for one big play, but other than that, the Chiefs run defense looked good and never allowed a big play. I think we are seeing the defensive identity being formed right now, a “bend-don’t-break” style that will work for now. Once we get some talent on that side of the football…lookout. Romeo Crennel has done a great job.

Jamaal Charles

Let my halfback go.

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  • 2 game lead in the AFC West after the Broncos, Raiders and Chargers lose this afternoon…

  • It's an ugly win but it is a win and it was on the road. No small thing. There are a lot of things to work on before the next game but it's easier to do that after a win.

    Perhaps the scariest thing we learned (or may have known/presumed/realized) is that the QB is not fixed. As bad as it sounds, we might have to hope that the best we get out of Cassel is to manage the game. I hate game managers but Cassel can't throw. He better figure out how to make the throws a real NFl QB can make.

  • RT @ChiefsCommand: Chiefs destroy Browns in Cleveland, 16-14… #NFL #KC #Chiefs Blog by @BrianMcGannon

  • Please someone, tell me why our best player is on the bench. More mind games. Maybe.

  • Guess I was wrong on the 2 game lead thing… Who saw the AFC West sweeping week 2?

    @Ernest – Who? Andy Studebaker? If so, I agree, he should get more playing time. Croyle? I don't think so… Charles? No thanks, I'll take Thomas when were trying to run out the clock. Oh ya, before that time, with 11 carries each, Thomas had a higher yards per carry average, so I don't subscribe to that argument.

  • Destroy, are you joking, the Chiefs won by T. Jones jumping for 6in. A 16-14 win at the Browns isn’t “Destroying” anything!!

  • @apt6678… I’m sure the title is sarcastic… Chiefs are 2-0, unlike your Broncos…

  • Really, Last 4 year chiefs 10 wins, Denver 24,. Suck it Mr. Chiefs Command, Oh by the way Denver has the two best players ever…

  • Ya, and since 2007, Denver has pissed their way out of the playoffs 3 times… ZERO playoff appearances for either team.

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