Chiefs Defense Stellar; Palko Cellar

Tyler Palko. In the dictionary, if you look beside the word interception, you will see the look on his face blaming Dwayne Bowe for his poorly thrown third interception of the game, sixth in two games. Chiefs fans, the Palko Experiment is over. Bring on Kyle Orton. At least he has a win in the NFL and doesn’t have a 0/6 touchdown/interception ratio this year. Palko will be lucky if he ever throws a pass in the NFL again. He had a remarkable story, but now it’s eveident why he couldn’t keep a job. I still can’t believe that Palko drove the Chiefs deep into Steeler territory and pulled a Tony Romo choke job. Apparently he forgot the picture above is not current.

Palko is not the biggest story in this game though. Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers won the game 13-9, the Chiefs defense played lights out for 60 minutes.  Tamba Hali forced a fumble in the first quarter. The Chiefs kept pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and the secondary looked like they finally knew what they were doing. I’m glad the defense finally clicked, because I don’t feel as bad about that loss. Last week, the Patriots demolished the Chiefs and it seems that Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel didn’t want that to happen again this week.

You could say that Big Ben’s problem was his fractured thumb, that’s why he wasn’t completing more passes. You could also say Tyler Palko is an offensive genius and should start for the rest of the season, but you would be totally wrong. Roethlisberger looked decent, but the Chiefs defense was ready for him. The only reason the Steelers were put in scoring position was because of a Palko interception which set up the Roethlisberger touchdown to Wesley Saunders.

Has anyone caught that I really dislike Tyler Palko today?

Really though. Six interceptions in two games? Ryan Leaf could’ve done better. You also have to think Ricky Stanzi could’ve done better. I don’t know why Todd Haley didn’t have the guts to put Stanzi in after Palko’s second interception. I mean, the throw wasn’t even close! I understand, he might have been the best option for a Chiefs victory, but you can’t win when you turn the ball over four times on your own!

Anyway, with Kyle Orton coming in, he is going to inherit a Chiefs offense that has multiple weapons, if they get time to use them. The offensive line is still struggling and they are showing no signs of improvement. Barry Richardson looked like a blocking dummy out there. He couldn’t contain a goldfish in a fishtank, let alone a blitzing defensive end or linebacker. And I also see why Jared Gaither isn’t on the field. One play on the field subbing for Branden Albert, he gets a falst start penalty. Someone please tell me how hard it is to count to two?

The Chiefs need a major overhaul on the offensive line, and a big playmaking defensive lineman and linebacker. Someone to counter Hali and Derrick Johnson’s pass rush. Justin Houston is looking better, and Jovan Belcher is pretty decent, but they are not blitz-heavy material.

I hope Orton learns the playbook fast. We have a chance to beat the Bears next week if the Chiefs offense plays better and the defense plays as well or better than they played this week.

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  • The offsides call on. Gaither was pathetic, I’m still shaking my head.

  • It all comes down to the Offensive Line, Palko did play bad but he also had lots of pressure and was just making young errors trying to force passes. I think Orton will be better, but as we already seen this year when he was in Denver he sucks when he has lots of Pressure too. Bears Defense is really good I think its going to be a train wreck for Orton if he starts next week. But he does give the Chiefs the best chance to win. I think they need to get Thomas Jones involved more.

  • The picture was of Palko in a Steelers jersey, just for clarification.

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