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Chiefs Command Blogger Predictions

Welcome to the 1st annual Chiefs Command Kansas City Chiefs Predictions! Each Chiefs Command blogger and contributor was asked to give their predictions for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs season in a variety of categories. We expect you, the reader, to call us out for flip-flopping later in the season if we do so without giving supporting evidence or apologies!!

The categories and guidelines are:
  • What will be the Chiefs 2010 record?
  • Where will the Chiefs finish in the AFC West?
  • Will the Chiefs make the Playoffs? If yes, how far will they go?
  • Who will be the Chiefs offensive player of the year?
  • Who will be the Chiefs defensive player of the year?
  • Who will be the Chiefs special teams player of the year?
  • Who will be the Chiefs overall rookie player of the year?
  • Who will be the Chiefs breakout player of the year? This player will perform well above any expectations.
  • Who will be the Chiefs comeback player of the year? This player did not have a good season, but will perform to previous expectations.
  • Who will be the Chiefs fantasy football player of the year?

How did we do? Vote on the most accurate Chiefs Command Contributor Predictions to the right. Leave comments and your own predictions below!

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  • Record
  • Division Finish
  • Playoffs
  • Offensive POY
  • Defensive POY
  • Sp. Teams POY
  • Rookie POY
  • Breakout POY
  • Comeback POY
  • Fantasy POY
  • Travis Pflanz
  • Travis Pflanz
  • @FunWithTP
  • 9-7
  • 1st
  • 1st Rd. Loss
  • T. Jones
  • A. Studebaker
  • R. Succop
  • D. McCluster
  • A. Studebaker
  • D. Bowe
  • T. Jones
  • Andy Kelley
  • Andy Kelley
  • @AndyKelley47
  • 9-7
  • 1st
  • 1st Rd. Loss
  • J. Charles
  • T. Hali
  • J. Arenas
  • E. Berry
  • B. Carr
  • B. Albert
  • J. Charles
  • Tom Fehr
  • Tom Fehr
  • @tomfehr
  • 9-7
  • 1st
  • 1st Rd. Loss
  • J. Charles
  • T. Hali
  • J. Arenas
  • E. Berry
  • G. Dorsey
  • D. Bowe
  • J. Charles

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You may vote for multiple selections. You may also vote as often as you like!

Charles Marquis, Eddie Pineda and Gerard McNally are no longer with Chiefs Command.

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  • Interesting things learned from the pre-season predictions.

    All but one contributor expects a better season than 2009.

    Those who think the Chiefs can win the AFC West seem to believe it is only because the rest of the AFC West is weak.

    Everyone loves Jamaal Charles… And everyone more than I do.

    A bounce-back year is expected from Dwayne Bowe.

    Solid seasons are also expected from Tamba Hali, Dexter McCluster and Eric Berry, along with great special teams play from Javier Arenas.

  • I've gotta say, if Nick is right, and our offensive POY is Ryan Lilja, we are FUCKED.

  • ^^ lol @ the meche and cassel comparison. only difference is cassel is way more important – meche is not involved on most plays for the royals.

  • I’m really hoping Matt Cassel isn’t terrible. I would go so far as to say he might be our breakout this year, simply because he has better pieces around him, and a better running game to fall back on. We can win with Matt Cassel if he doesn’t completely suck, but if he does, it’ll be a long season.

    Matt Cassel right now is to the Chiefs what Gil Meche is to the Royals. An overpaid, over-hyped game loser. I have been supporting Cassel for a while, and I really want to be right, but who knows. My fingers are crossed.

  • I don't see anything the Chiefs have done to greatly improve this season over last. Yes, they had a decent draft; but drafts can't be evaluated until 3+ years later. Cassel is the key to their success, if he can just be average then they have a chance to win some ballgames. There are some solid weapons on offense for this team, I just don't trust this defense to win games. I believe the Chiefs will constantly be playing from behind, minimizing the effectiveness of both Charles and Thomas. When Cassel is forced into trying to win games is when he will falter. Best case scenario for this season is 8-8, but I honestly can't see them winning more than 6 games.

  • Things done to greatly improve:

    1. LJ. was a huge weakness. he gone. big difference. (not done in offseason but big difference in 09 overall vs 10 overall)

    2. Thomas Jones. best runningback tandem in the league.

    3. Offensive line. Wiegmann and Ryan Lilja should help the line a lot.

    4. Safety- our biggest defensive weakness last year, upgraded with Berry and Lewis.

    5. Dexter McCluster- gives team a legitimate X-Factor on offense.

    6. Return game- now have a competent return man (it appears) in Javier Arenas. big difference.

    7. We hired some damn impressive coordinators in Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel.

    I understand the pessimism, but I dunno how all of those don't qualify as things done to greatly improve the team. only thing that could have been better is adding a nose tackle or a linebacker, but that's probably going to be priority #1 this coming offseason.

  • also, never underestimate the power of a weak schedule. Only unwinnable game for the Chiefs this year is @ Colts.

  • I figure if you are going to predict things, be bold.

  • I agree, the schedule makes it feel as if we are going to be successful. But who knows, last year I swore we were going to beat the Browns and Bills but lose to the Steelers.

    I think I will be able to get a better feel for their chances once MNF rolls around.

  • I also think it's interesting that people were bashing the Chiefs for their draft this year, but through training camp and preseason the most exciting thing about the team has been the rookies. Appears to be a good job by Pioli.

  • Tell us your pre-season #KC #Chiefs predictions… Compare them to our picks! http://chiefscommand.com/chiefs-blog/off...

  • RT @ChiefsCommand: Tell us your pre-season #KC #Chiefs predictions… Compare them to our picks! http://chiefscommand.com/chiefs-blog/off...

  • Most accurate 2010 #Chiefs Predictions? @prewdady @LCinKC17 @aximilitjf @gmcnally77 @5280SportsBiz @squirrelmasterz http://chiefscommand.com/chiefs-blog/off...

  • RT @ChiefsCommand: Most accurate 2010 #Chiefs Predictions? @prewdady @LCinKC17 @aximilitjf @gmcnally77 @5280SportsBiz @squirrelmasterz h …

  • Gil Meche was one of the best pitchers in the AL for 2 and a half seasons.

  • And Matt Cassel was the 10th best QB in 2008.

  • I went back and forth between 7-9 and 6-10. The Chiefs have better team speed – both offensively and defensively – than they had last year. There are more and better playmakers than there were at this time last year.

    However, the defensive line was not addressed really – aside from Shaun Smith. The linebacking corps was NOT addressed. When you had the worst rush defense in the league and you do next to nothing with your front seven, that concerns me – especially going up against teams with good running games like San Francisco, St. Louis (Jackson is a stud despite how bad they are), Tennessee and Buffalo. Those are four games that are "winnable" but only if the rush defense shows up.

    I honestly believe those four games are going to be the bellwether on this season. That may be my next blog. haha.

  • Jason- what do you want the Chiefs to do on defensive line? seems like every other year we draft a defensive lineman in the first round. we can't replace jackson or Dorsey, we owe them too much money, and nose tackle's aren't easy to come by. I have a feeling that getting a linebacker or a nose tackle will be priority number 1 this coming offseason, unless something else drastic comes up.

  • Like many people, I think the guy from Alabama may have been a good second round pick – Dan Coty. I'm more worried about the linebackers than the DL. When you run a 3-4, your linebackers need to be a strength. I'm not sure they are for the Chiefs.

    I'm cautiously optimistic after what I saw the last two preseason games from Demorrio Williams. But Vrabel is a year older. Johnson still doesn't seem to have a position. I like Hali, but he needs to finish his sacks better.

  • At 3-1, I’ve picked each game correctly from the beginning. I picked Houston this week when doing my pre-season predictions… Now, it’s a really tough call… Think I am still taking the Texans in a close one

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