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Speak Up Chiefs Fans!!! No means No!

Well sorry Chiefs fans but, Looks like its going to be another one of those “wait till next year” seasons.  After  a nice home BUTT whooopin handed in Arrowhead, Reality sets in. What exactly have the Chiefs done to get better?

MATT CASSEL is Chiefs number one reason they will never be anything other than a “wait till next year” type of Team!  Chiefs did nothing over the off season to improve that position.

Thinking that the Injury proned Charles was going to carry the Offense to the playoffs! Teamed up with Peyton hillis, Mr I had 1 good season then the worst season! Mr Hillis was showered changed and out of the parking Lot 6 minutes after the game! Too bad chiefs didnt play on a parking Lot!

Half of the chiefs Rushing Yards came from 2 plays!

Chiefs then Decide Not to PAy there #1 receiver and let him take the field HALF HEARTED, sits out the off season and thinks he can come in and be at the top of his game! And Baldwin was playing Hide and Seek form his Coaching staff!

What are the Chiefs saving their money for?

Chiefs FANS you can Blame yourselves for whats happening here, You guys need to step up and speak out! Broncos fans Had Billboards Telling The Coach and Owner what they wanted at QB, Speak up Chief Fans, Dont just Call in to Radio Shows or Cry on Twitter!! Just Say NO!!

NO Pioli- We are fed up with Cassel, Hes not the Answer

NO Pioli- We dont want the Cleveland Browns coaching staff

NO Mr. Hunt- I Dont understand why we are 20 some MILLION under the cap!

NO Chiefs- The excuse that we were missing 2 starters is not good enough!

NO Chiefs- We will not pay higher taxes to make Arrowhead a nicer looking Toilet Bowl so you can put the Same Ol SH*T in it!

Bring in the Old Cleveland Browns Coaching staff and couple Cleveland players and what your going to get Is play like the Cleveland Browns, and before you know it your going to be the Cleveland Browns!!

Well Chief Fans look at the Bright side you have the Buffalo Bills next week! that game should help get your False hopes up!!


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  • Not Too early to start Speaking up against the chiefs!!  Unless your happy with Mediocracy!!


  • WHO THE F*&K DO U THINK U R???????? IT’S 1 DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!! We will see how this season ends…. I got high hopes for this team….

  • This sEason will End no better than 8-8 , Will you be happy with that?

  • Unfortunately, I agree with the entire article.  I have been a KC Chiefs fan since 1968…and will remain so, however, the fact that Cassel is no much better than luke warm water, heck he can’t even slide for a first down w/o getting hurt.  I mean did you see him get up limping?

    Everyone in the world knows what we are going to run as a team, nothing has changed since Marty S. was our coach.  We have talented Tight Ends, and great receivers, we just can’t get to them because once again the Chiefs have no QB.

    Bowe has a lot of reason for wanting to leave KC, I do not blame him at all.  Hillis is washed up, and all Romeo has done by introducing Hillis into our backfield is not allow one of the leagues best runners to NOT run.

    8-8 would be a miracle, we will most likely end up at 5-11!  Yes, I know it is only the “First” game, but what has changed since last year…?  Umm, nothing

  • relax everyone this was written by a denver donkeys fan. Carlos wait until Tamba Flowers and Lewis return.

  • Yeah Mike only with Marty we had great winning seasons. We never won the big one but having great winning seasons was better than this!!

  • I am A Denver Donkey Fan, However I am NFL Educated! Being a Fan of the Broncos also means I have watched the chiefs since Day 1 of me watching Football! I Remember the Days when they had a Good Defense and Crap for Offense, Then I remember the Days when they had Trent Green but a crappy Defense , Never have the chiefs been able to get it right,, Well they did in the early 90s when A HALL OF FAMER , Montana was there and an awesome Defense!!  But now they have a top 10 defense and what could be a top 5 Offense if they had a real QB,, Chiefs Owner has Never wanted to DISH OUT Money for a 1st rd QB UNTILL YOU FANS Speak up,, they never will,,, Phone call to McNabb is in the near future, and that will  probably please most chiefs fans

  • I can hardly believe I just wasted this much time reading this. Is it a joke? Who hasn’t been watching football since childhood. Cracking up when I read you say “NFL Educated!”

  • So Joe, you still optimistic about this season??

  • SO I SEE I WAS RIGHT!!! You guys had homerglasses on,, I sure wish i could hear your comments now ,, !!!

  • still got high hopes???? LOL ,,, THATS WHO I THINKI F$%KING AM!!!!!!!!!

  • “”Carlos wait until Tamba Flowers and Lewis return.”" They have returned your 1-9 ,,, This Denver Donkey fan knows your team better than you do!!!!!! PayMe Later!!

  • I am a Chiefs fan and I admit the Chiefs are the worst team in the National Football League, in my opinion due to the coaching staff but that is irrelevant yo. The Broncos will not win the Superbowl, they are a soft AFC contender in a league that is dominated by the NFC. We know what it’s like to be excited about a past his prime future Hall of Fame quarterback. Montana is better than Manning and before you do beta with stats here is the difference between the 2. Montana has for Superbowl rings, he is a 3 time Superbowl MVP but most importantly when there is 2 minutes or less left in the Superbowl and his team is behind Montana will drive the field and win the game like he did against Cincinnati, while Manning throws a pick 6 against the Saints

  • and lose the Superbowl. But when it’s all said and done come draft day the Chiefs will have a top 10 pic and the Broncos will be picking in the twenty’s. So either way Denver losers guaranteed! I Have nothing else to say about that . I will come back after the Superbowl to see the my predictions are 100 percent correct. Carlos enjoy the ride why you can because the Broncos are going back to the glue factory

  • LOL AT YOU!! your such an AMATEUR!! when did i say anything about the Broncos? other than I am a Fan? Im pretty sure this post was about your chiefs and how everything i said after week ONE, is still 100% accurate!! and your 100% WRONG!! NoWhere did I say Manning was better than Montana at winning Superbowls!!WEIRDO!! And Nowhere did I say Broncos will win the Superbowl!!WEIRDO!! Your Comment Sucked as bad as your chiefs do on and OFF the Field!! Chiefs will have an early draft pick but wont know what to do with it!!(TYSON JACKSON) When the Broncos drafted in top 5 they drafted Von Miller!! DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR this year!! Dont Drink the Hateraid on the Broncos cause your team BLOWS!! READ THE POST SON!!! NO MEANS NO!!WEIRDO!! NOTHING on there is talking about the AFC WeST leading Broncos!and Peyton”past his Prime”MAnning having a better year than he has ever had!! ITS all about your sorry ASS chiefs! You read it 2 months ago and said I was Wrong!! but you were Wrong!! you read it now and Say im Wrong about the Broncos!!LOL typical Chief Fan!! Better get yourself a SportingKC shirt, otherwise your Life will suck more than it already does!! Done with it!!! NoHomerHere <<– DROPS THE MIC!

  • just to reiterate, you will see that I will be correct come the end of the season. Also nobody cares about what you think because the entire NFL universal knows the only fans less intelligent than Raider fans are Broncos fans. Stick to potato chips it’s what you know!


  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wow, I told you Manning wasn’t clutch, Montana is better like I said. I’m glad you were so happy that Manning was your quarterback, isn’t it funny how to bow led you farther into the playoffs.

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