Kyle Orton Claimed by Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Claim QB Kyle Orton Off Waivers

Recently released QB Kyle Orton finds himself a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Orton was released by the Denver Broncos yesterday. Two other teams put in a claim for Orton: Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

Reports previously said Orton did not want to go to the Chiefs. Now that the rights to Orton are owned by the Kansas City Chiefs, it probably will not be long until Orton is handed the starting QB role over Tyler Palko

Mark it on your calendars now: January 1, 2012 – Kyle Orton v. Tim Tebow

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  • Not sure the details of the deal yet, but I personally think Orton is better than Cassel.

    Will Cassel be released?

  • Anyone is better than Cassel!

  • Except Tebow

  • @Michael Nice!

    Well, if he doesn’t get shuffled some how (I thought he would end up with the bears) but I guess Clark spent & they are going for the oh so low fruot that is the afc west. I give clark &, in tur, scott, kudos. I didnt expect this kind of move from the likes of the chiefs. Everyone start growing neck beards, kyle orton is here.

  • Well, Orton really can get the ball deeper downfield with his tools as a QB. he’s not a bad pocket-passer, but i’m not sure if this is an upgrade or a downgrade.. either way, i’m glad the Chiefs are making moves and still trying to salvage the season. It’s like Orton is a temporary bandaid for 6 weeks. we’ll see about the future at QB after week 17.

  • Stats are pretty similar Cassel is slightly better in all the Categories, I think Cassel is good with protection, on that note I sure hope Orton works out for this year.
    @Travis I don’t think they release Cassel he is the franchise QB and think they have faith in him.
    @Carlos how can you hate on Cassel so much Chiefs have been terrible for the past 10 years and it took him 1 year to take them to the playoffs. Once Jamaal Charles got hurt defenses could now blitz and play the Chiefs much different, effecting the passing game.

  • @ Brian – I would have to disagree with your statement saying that he is a franchise quarterback.. Sure, the coaches believed in him, but he has yet to prove anything and he’s got our team in a bad situation. I think Orton will win some games even with the tough schedule ahead! He gets a chance to beat his old 2 teams…. Broncos and Bears. He’s with a new team and that means he gets another shot to prove to other teams that he’s worth taking a shot on. I think he’ll definitely better than Cassel. Franchise QB? maybe, maybe not! but we’ll have to wait and see.. but we all must have faith in him..

  • sorry, but Orton is a Turd. I want my spot on the website back….no offense, but this news doesn’t deserve to have my section of the homepage

    Hey all, Listen to the Predator of the Prairie Podcast. We Go Hard! Kevin Kietzman and Freddie Coleman of ESPN Radio Sports Center tonight are both guests this week.

    Besides Travis, I want you to elaborate for these folks on the assertion that reports stated Orton didnt want to go to Chiefs. Fux tat nioze, he hasn’t been shit since he was at Purdue.

    I’m having a Chicago Blogger on the show next week to preview the Bears game, and to breakdown, brokedown Orton

  • Can someone name a Receiver on the Chiefs last year Besides Bowe that wasn’t a rookie?? He had 27 tds and had no WR at all, seems like he is a pretty good leader. When you take the Jamaal Charles away from the Chiefs and yet the Chiefs go into the game with the same game plan RUN THE BALL with 3rd string backs, Cassel needs to be throwing the ball 40 times a game!! Lets see if Haley sticks to his stupid game plan that scores no points or starts passing with Orton!

  • I think Denvers own King of All Broncos John Elway is being the most realistic on the Tebow situation. When he was asked recently if the Broncos have found their quarterback of the future, he responded with one word “no.” If Cassel and Tebow had the same O line play in their most recent matchup, the outcome would have been entirely different. I’m done with the Tebow thing.

    What percent chance does Orton have of playing Sunday? I hope he doesn’t, the Chiefs should know better by witnessing first hand the Carson Palmer experiment. Palko is bad, so lets give Stanzi a look before we hand over the reigns to Orton.

  • @Sterling “breakdown broke down Orton” -Man, that really made me lol

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