Chiefs VS. Broncos II: Random Ramblings

It has been almost a week since the Kansas City Chiefs cut out our hearts and ruined Christmas by losing to the Oakland Raiders in overtime. Is it just me or do the Raiders always go deep on the first play in overtime whenever they face the Chiefs? Anyway the consolation prize is facing the Antichrist led Denver Broncos and getting the opportunity to derail their playoff dreams. Now for some random ramblings…

56 + 91 = Hawaii!
The Chiefs have two very deserving players representing the team in this years Pro Bowl. Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson have both had outstanding years playing on the Chiefs defense. Johnson, in my opinion has had his best all around season since entering the NFL. He has 126 combined tackles, 11 pass deflections, 2 interceptions, 1 forced fumble, and 1 fumble recovery. Aside from the stats, his read and recoginition skills are as sharp as ever especially in the red zone. Hali has 12 sacks, numerous holding calls due to his pursuit, and even more “missed” holding calls which at times resemble all out WWE style choke holds. His motor is always running and he gives 110% on every play. Congratulations are definitely in order for these two.

Hit It Or Colquitt It
I think the Chiefs should offer punter Dustin Colquitt a life contract that says as long as you can stand you will forever be a Chief. He has been solid since day one and I have never yelled or cursed and used Colquitts name in conjunction. It would go a long way in showing some player loyalty in an NFL world in which that doesn’t seem to exist too often. Show a punter some love.

Terminating Tebow
The Chiefs can stop Tebow mania and send the Broncos directly into the off season by beating them on Sunday. Watching the fascination that Bronco fans have with this sub-par quarterback has been both interesting and annoying thus far. Is he a good quarterback?, no. This is a Broncos team that has a defense that has done a great job this year. They deserve most of the credit. Tebow has shown exactly why he will not succeed at this level the past two weeks. When he has to throw the ball to play catch up he turns into a turnover machine. I’m not a “hater” but a realist. I would however take Tebow over Tyler Palko any day of the week. Kyle Orton will show you his week why letting him go was a mistake. He isn’t great but he is better than the Antichrist superstar.

The Wrap-up
Romeo Crennel will try to leave a lasting impression on the Chiefs higher ups this week. The talk around KC is that the players and coaching staff love Crennel and that they will be playing this one for him. Its definitely a great time (2) stop a (1) trick pony. (See what I did there?)

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