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The Chiefs Look to Bounce Back

The Kansas City Chiefs need to bounce back in a big way on Sunday.

As I wrote last week, the Chiefs had a great chance Sunday to essentially lock up the division by taking a commanding 2.5 game lead atop the AFC West. Since KC lost to the Oakland Raiders, the division is now wide open. Well, by wide open I mean of course that it is a 3-team race.

The Chiefs play the Denver Broncos on Sunday, and unfortunately this game is more important than it should be. The Chiefs should have executed last week and beaten the Raiders. But they didn’t.  Instead, it’s an important divisional game that the Chiefs have to win if they want to consider themselves a playoff team.

Kansas City has a tiny .5 game lead in the AFC West and a win on Sunday would push it to a full game lead.

This figures to be a good matchup for the Chiefs on paper. The Broncos don’t have a running game and Romeo Crennel has been excellent at limiting one-dimensional offenses. He has been able to limit the pass-happy offenses of the Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers and the Buffalo Bills as well as limiting offenses that rely heavily on their running game, such as the San Francisco 49ers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Oakland Raiders. The only offense that really had a good game against Romeo Crennel’s defense was the Houston Texans, who have both a solid running attack and passing attack.

Another thing that bodes well for the Chiefs is that the last time these teams met, the Chiefs thrashed the Broncos 44-24. Jamaal Charles had a huge game with 259 yards. If JC can get half of that, the Chiefs should be in good shape. Another person who had a huge game was Derrick Johnson, who had two pick-6’s against Kyle Orton.

It’s tough for me to give a true take on where the Chiefs are right now, you’ll probably notice the decrease in the length of this post; I thought I could last week but after failing to win the important game a Oakland, it’s tough to tell. We’ll hopefully know more about this team in a few days.

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  • Yeah, there isn’t really much to say about this game. Denver sucks and if the Chiefs lose they have problems. It sucks not having DMC but they shouldn’t need him for this week or next. The biggest worry I have is that Lewis and McGraw are questionable. It sounds like Lewis will play but the Chiefs are going to need bodies for Denver’s spread offense. Still, it shouldn’t matter.

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