Chiefs Beat Packers 19-20

Ok so the score may not reflect a “W” for the Chiefs, but I think its clear to say that Kansas City went out and handed it to the SuperBowl Champs  Thursday night in Green Bay. After recieving the ball first, the Chiefs quickly turned the ball over to thePackers with good field position near the 50 and Green Bay took advantage of it, Driving the ball down the field quikly to score seven points, but after that it seems the underdog Chiefs took control of the game. After regaining position, Kansas City drove the ball down the field in a seemingly easy fashion, with good exicution in both the running and the passing game. If not for a fumbled ball by Charles deep inside Packers territory, the Chiefs would have put up a winning drive to answer to Green Bays early touchdown. However, after turning the ball over, Kansas City’s strong defense came out to the field and forced Green Bay into a safety Leaving the game at 7-2 (Green Bay) and turning the energy strongly in Kansas City’s favor. The Chiefs then get a great kickoff return that should leave them at midfield if not for a holding penalty that draws them back, which eventually leaves them to bring the punting unit out on the field for fourth down…But wait, a fake punt pass to WR Terrance Copper for nine yard on a  fourth and seven gives new life to the Chiefs drive. Kansas City than Drives the ball down field in another easy fashion and results in a diving Matt Cassel to Dexter McCluster touchdown pass just stretching over the goal line and bringing the game to 9-7. The Chiefs end up kicking a risky onside kick after the touchdown that was recovered by Green Bay but ended up not doing any harm.

The Chiefs end up Throwing one more touchdown before the half when Tyler Palko connected with Dwayne Bowe in the endzone for a spectacular catch wich would take them in to the half with the lead.the second half was pretty much history with a few good things going just the Packers way and taking a fourth quarter lead of 19-20. with only seconds left the chiefs tried a desperatly long field goal to win the game but fell short.

To say the least, the score may reflect that  Green Bay won the game but to anyone that was watching, the Chiefs took it to the Super Bowl Champs and showed that they are here to play this season.

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  • Really,they handed it to the superbowl champ’s backups at best,most or all starters were done after the first series! But whatever you got to tell yourself to sleep at night!

  • Did you even watch the game? Green Bay had their second team playing the entire game after their first score. The Chiefs starters couldn’t even beat the backups. That’s a lot to be optimistic about. Moron.

  • Not to say that the Chiefs played well; however, I would point out that it was essentially Green Bay’s backups that won the Super Bowl as well…so….

  • Thanks for the great response! And yes I did watch the game and that’s why I wrote about it. Now to me, when I watch a preseason game I have enough common knowledge to know the backups are going to play most of the game and its a much different style of play as well. I’m sorry for anyone that didn’t realize that in preseason, its obvious that the game is played like that, but if you couldn’t realize that captain obviouse you are a….whats the word…oh ya, moron.

  • I’m not fully sold that the Chiefs are ready for week 1… But I am also not upset that the Chiefs played starters into the 4th quarter.

    When it comes down to it, pre-season doesn’t matter if a team is ready for their week 1 game. If the Chiefs brass feel they accomplished what they wanted in Green Bay, then it is a win… If not… We’ll have to wait until Sept. 11 to find out…

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