Where Do the Chiefs Go Now?

Reports today suggest that Matt Cassel may be out for the rest of the season.  Cassel has been awful this season and was only regressing but this could still be a big loss for the Kansas City Chiefs.   Despite only being 1 game out of first place in the AFC West the Kansas City Chiefs season is now over.

The main reason Cassel could be a major loss is that the Chief’s backups have little to no experience.  Tyler Palko is the backup and will start this next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Palko has only attempted 13 passes in his 4 years in the NFL and that includes his 6 attempts against the Denver Broncos this past week.

After Palko the Chiefs have rookie Ricky Stanzi who the Chiefs took in the 5th round in this past year’s draft.  Stanzi was a standout quarterback for the Iowa Hawkeyes starting at Quarterback for 3 years.  I believe the Chiefs will give Stanzi a chance to play later this year and more than likely a good long look.  Stanzi was believed by many to be a possible future starter for the Kansas City Chiefs.  ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. even said he believed Ricky Stanzi would have the best NFL career of all the Quarterbacks of the 2011 draft.  This was in part though because Kiper thought the Chiefs were a very talented team and had a stable organization.

If Stanzi does not show upside and progress the Kansas City Chiefs will be entering the Matt Barkley sweepstakes.  The Colts have almost solidified their spot at the number 1 pick in the draft and the likely selection of Andrew Luck.  Many scouts believe Barkley is the number 2 quarterback in the draft and could be a pretty valuable consolation prize.

I as well as many Chief’s fans will continue to torture myself and watch every game.  Now however it is time for Chiefs fans to start paying special attention to College football and the top prospects.  We can hope Pioli has a plan and start dreaming about a resurgence next year.



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