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Charlie Weis or Romeo Crennel: Bigger Impact as Chiefs Coordinator?

In the 2010 off-season the Kansas City Chiefs hired two coordinators with resumes worthy of NFL head coaching jobs.

As you know, Both Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel come from the New England Patriots dynasty. The additions of these two big-name coordinators seems to have already calmed down Todd Haley. Haley rarely, if ever, blew up on a player, yelling in his face during training camp. The calm(er) demeanor seemed to carry into the pre-season as well.

Other than the already obvious cooling effect on the head coach, which coordinator will have a bigger impact on the Chiefs play on the field?

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  • With as poorly as the Chiefs played on both sides of the ball in 2009, I think the biggest improvement to the Chiefs as a whole in 2010 was the addition of Romeo Crennel, closely followed by Charlie Weis.

    I think Todd Haley is good enough to run an offense, so Weis is only a slight upgrade, if any at all, over Haley as offensive coordinator.

    Crennel, on the other hand, is a huge upgrade over Clancy Pendergast.

  • I've seen improvements on both sides of the ball so far in the preseason, but I think all in all, the D under Crennel has shown the biggest improvement. I'm hoping to see us ranked 20 or better at years end.

    I think adding Weis (with Haley's input) to power the O is greater than the sum of the two. Haley proved last year he's game for anything, and Weis has a lot of rabbits in that hat. Add to that improved ST play, and if our receivers can hold onto the ball this year, it will help tremendously…

  • Interesting, I would have thought Weis would run away with this poll. I don't know much about Crennel's defense, so we'll have to see about that, but Weis has had a great offense wherever he goes, and left the NFL as the best offensive coordinator.

  • Well, I agree Charlie will work wonders here. Player additions have also helped, but we haven't really released the straps on the O yet, so we can't really tell yet how good it will be.

    However, last year even when we held a lead late into the game, our D couldn't hold it. Now, granted, with the amount of time our D was on the field, they were flat wore slick (80 some-odd plays during the Ravens game alone!).

    Although the preseason isn't an absolute predictor on what we're going to be like, we've had many more 3 and outs than in the past. That's why Romeo gets the nod at this point. Once both sides of the ball are wide open, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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