Jim Zorn Matt Cassel v. Chargers 2011

Chargers Remind Fans why the Chiefs were Over Rated Last season!

Last Season, I couldnt say it enough, the Kansas City Chiefs were a Product of a Very EASY schedule. They started off 3-0 against teams with a combined record of 0-9, they then lost to Colts and Texans, then beat Jags and Bills in OT (bad Buffalo team), they got beat by 20 points against the Denver Broncos, the second worst team in the league, then barely beat them by 4 points at home! I won’t go into detail in every win the Chiefs had but trust me.

Still, every Chiefs’ fan hope was up, the Chiefs had people thinking Matt Cassel was a good QB , thinking the Chiefs are playoff worthy team. The future is going to be bright, the franchise is underway. ~ NOT~

Preseason this year was just the begining of the TRUTH. The worst preseason in Chiefs history!  With or without the loss of Eric Berry, the Chiefs were going to lose to the Bills, Berry doesn’t play offense. The same is true for week 2 .

Now we get to how the San Diego Chargers reminded Chiefs fans why they were overrated last season.  The Chargers have had their worst offensive output in many years, the chargers are off to a slow start, as always! They beat the Minnesota Vikings who are now 0-3 by one score, then they lost to the Patriots, then beat another 0-3 team (Chiefs) by a field goal.

Then, what do I hear when the game is over and the Chiefs were “looking good,” and can only blame Cassel for the loss!

SORRY Chiefs fans, but the blame is on the Chargers for letting the Chiefs stick around. Cassel is not to blame, Ryan Succop’s  missed chip shot is not to blame, Todd Haley’s clock management and not having any time outs left is not to blame, Brandon Flowers getting hurt is not to blame.

The Chargers got Chiefs fans’ hopes up, I only care because Chiefs fans are my friends and I have to listen to them say “IF” this and “IF” that… Nope, no IFs .. Reality is “IF” the score was what it should have been — 48-21 , everyone would still be feeling the way they felt Saturday… that feeling was “WE SUCK.”

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  • The Chiefs did look better in week 3.

    Also, I think the offensive play calling looked better in the second half of the Chargers game.

    Maybe Haley has started calling the plays?

  • Either the play calling got Better or they have gone through the Process of Elimination and Realized which ones didnt Work with the team they have. something that might have been worked out if they played the starters in the preseason!,

    But im thinking more the Chragers made those plays look like they will work,

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