Brodie Croyle

Chargers beat up Chiefs

Two words: Total domination.

Offensively, defensively, the San Diego Chargers had an answer for everything the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to do Sunday in a 31-0 shellacking, which gave the Chargers revenge for the Week 1 loss against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

Watching this game, I felt like the 31-0 score wasn’t indicative of how much of a blowout this game was. Starting quarterback Brodie Croyle threw for only 40 yards. Jamaal Charles only had 40 yards rushing. Offensively, this team did not look good.

I mean, Dustin Colquitt finished with more punts than Croyle had completed passes – 8-7.

And as bad as the offense looked, the defense looked just as horrible. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers picked this defense apart, while Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert ran more than Chiefs fans are used to seeing.

San Diego looked like a team which has been ranked No. 1 in offense and defense at times this season.

It was a game that needs to be flushed out of the system.

And quickly.

The Chiefs have just one more road game, and it’s this week against the St. Louis Rams. The Chiefs are now in a position where they have ZERO room for error.

Yes, the Chiefs control their own destiny – win out and you’re in the playoffs. But, with San Diego now only a game back – and the Chiefs offense not looking very good the last two weeks (with and without Cassel) – any slippage at all could cost this team a playoff spot.

Three games. That’s all that’s left. Three games that will determine everything. And it begins next week with a road game on the other side of the state – a game that I’m calling a must-win for this team.

And next week – with or without Matt Cassel – this team needs to perform better offensively.

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  • just awful. I don’t think we are nearly as good as we thought we were, but this team is still a playoff team and is still dangerous. I see 10-6 and a playoff loss in the first round

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