If Cassel had Started the score would’ve been..

If Matt Cassel would have started Monday nights Game in Foxborough, The score would have been 34-0. Maybe even 41-0 , the chiefs would have punted a little more

Tyler Palko played just as expected, He moved the ball downfield, He mad many nice passes, He escaped some sacks and moved out of the pocket, And he turned the ball over as most first start QBs would.

Palko however showed why he is going to be better than Matt “the statue” Cassel in these upcoming Games. With the Help of his Coach Todd Haley.

Coach Todd Haley was giving Palko all kinds of chances to throw the ball, He was letting Palko Loose out there, You can tell Haley had much more confidence in Palko by the way he called the plays, granted New Englands under rated pass Defense also gave Haley a little more leeway on the plays called.

Chiefs though as a team played Horrible. Penalties Killed the Chances the Chiefs had in the First quarter to be able to score some points, Chiefs could have easily been up 3 scores by the end of the 1st quarter, But penalties just killed those drives. Very Undesciplined, and that falls on Haley.

After Further review its safe to assume the chiefs will lose out the rest of the season, CHIEFS ARE THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL. and thats a FACT. Haley cant coach a bunch of Bums with a Hard schedule. Injuries cant be an Excuse! Fire Haley send out a message to your team that Failure is not an option!

Like Adrian once  told Rocky, I tell the Chiefs  ”YOU CANT WIN”

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  • First of all, let me just say, that I appreciate your enthusiasm! Secondly, I cannot completely agree with your article and let me point out some statistics.

    In the first quarter, the Chiefs were penalized a total of 3 times for 20 yards. There were also penalized in the 2nd quarter 1 time for 10 yards. There were 3 other penalties that were declined by the Patriots.

    Of the penalties in the 1st quarter were an Illegal Block on a punt, a Delay of Game, an Illegal Shift and Illegal Touch Kick(Declined). The only play that may rest partly on Haley is the DoG. I honestly believe more of it falls on Palko because the speed of the game is different than what he is used too. Also, the illegal shift is Palkos because he is calling the plays and audibles before the snap, he has to be aware of where everyone is and where everyone is going. The illegal touch was on the onside kick…honestly, I think they should have just kicked it deep, but that is a bad play call on Haley, so there is 2 against Haley and 2 for Palko. Illegal Block is just on the player (Jalil Brown), and no one else!

    In the 2nd quarter, there were 3 penalties of only which 1 was accepted. An illegal motion (Declined), Off. Holding – 10, Def. Holding (Declined). The 2 holding penalties fall squarely on the players, and the illegal motion falls on Palko, because he has to wait until ALL players are set before he snaps the ball. There was only 1 other penalty in the game against the Chiefs and it was in the 4th quarter and it was a Delay of Game!

    Now while I think Palko is responsible for a few penalties, he did a good job for what was asked. His inexperience showed though! Penalties and badly thrown balls, there were also a few drops which falls on the WR’s and the WR-QB relationship (timing and rythym). The 1st interception was thrown behind Breaston, and he tried to catch it, but was just tipped into the air. I did not watch the rest of the game, but I believe more of the “Drive Killing” falls on that inexperience. They had some big plays, but with so few penalties that actually effected anything, I don’t know if we can say the penalties killed it.

    While Palko seemed to move the ball, the real test will come next week against PIT. If he cannot move the ball or put it into the end zone, I think Stanzi will get a shot somewhere by the NYJ or GB game.

    While I also believe that the KC team is bad, I don’t know if they are the WORST! Yes they had some key injuries, yes they played a tough schedule, but they have been competitive. They are currently around 11th in the draft, so there are at least 10 teams worse off than they are.

    I also agree that Haley is done in KC, while some people *COUGH – Travis*, may not agree, I think it is looking more and more like he may not be around next year.

  • those penalties were momentum killing, I watched the whole Game, you cant argue against me if you didnt watch the whole game, I see your inputs are as if you looked at a box score and took only stats into consideration, there was a holding penalty that took away a 15 yard run from Grandpa Jones that was a 1st down when you could see the team was starting to drive, you cant see that stuff on a stat page.

    Anyway, I do think the Chiefs are the worst if not tied with,, top 3 for sure, Just because they are 11th in the draft does not make them the 11th worst team, Dolphins are below them record wise and we seen what they did to them, I garantee you that the non McNabb led Vikings are a better team now and would beat the chiefs, Carolina Panthers have 2 wins, and i know they would destroy the Chiefs. thats 3 teams just right there. you cant go off of record really, Points for and points against has chiefs in bottom 3. the team the Chiefs have right now, i dont think can beat anyone. The chiefs Just played the WORST DEFENSE in the League and they scored 3 points!! Enough said.

    I agree with you that Palko expirament wont last Long ans it shouldnt, The chiefs need to think about the future, give palko another start then time to see if Stanzi has anything at all, Or if the chiefs will need to use their top 5 pick of the first round on a QB. maybe top 3 pick .

    the chiefs need Jon Gruden even if it takes paying him more than any coach in history, Gruden will come back to coaching for an offer of 6 yrs for 50 million with 30 million garanteed!! Chiefs can pay that no problem, cause thats what they threw at an Unproven QB,

    Any chief fan would say they would trade Cassel for Gruden and pay the Same amount.

  • Just want to point out who all those penalty’s was on, the TE L. Pope who is only there because Moeaki is out this is one thing all you guys need and don’t realize that the Chiefs are a very young team and still make stupid mistakes, someone look at the roster and tell me who the veteran players are. Cassel has only started 3 seasons previous, Chiefs are clearly still building the team up this year could have been alright but now they can focus on getting the offensive line put together. 2 of 3 cassel seasons he had 10 and 11 wins thats pretty good

  • Broncos Offensive Line are younger, Receivers are younger and Broncos have a QB who cant Pass, and they are winning, cant really use the too young excuse, a good coach knows how to utilize what he has, Chiefs have better talent on that team than the broncos have, its all about coaching and motivating in a positive way,
    Cassel and haley got to go, If not then you are prolonging the development of the team.

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