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Cassel leads Chiefs to huge win

In terms of victories this season, Sunday’s win for the Kansas City Chiefs over the Seattle Seahawks is as big as any of them.

And it came in perhaps the best game of Matt Cassel‘s career as Chiefs quarterback.

Four touchdowns, no interceptions and – most importantly – timely touchdowns and great drives helped the Chiefs earn only their second road win of the season.

Last week’s win was all about Dwayne Bowe and his breakthrough. This week was all about Cassel.

This is the game Chiefs fans have been wanting to see from him. This is the game they’ve been needing to see.

After Sunday, Cassel now sits with 22 touchdowns and only four interceptions. I’ll let you read that again.

In 11 games this year, Cassel has thrown only four interceptions.

I think offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has “fixed the quarterback” – at least to this point.

Am I saying Cassel’s the greatest quarterback in the league? Of course not. That would be quite stupid.

But he’s good for this offense. And he’s good for this team. And we’re starting to see what head coach Todd Haley was seeing in never flinching in making Cassel his starter.

Earlier this week there was a post saying Cassel should be a Pro-Bowler. I couldn’t agree more.

With Sunday’s game, Cassel now has 18 more touchdowns than interceptions. He has nearly a 6-to-1 TD/INT ratio. That’s so obscene, it’s borderline pornographic. BTW, his numbers are right there with his friend Tom Brady, who has 23 touchdowns to only four interceptions. He’s keeping pace with him stride for stride.

I’ve said all year Cassel is only as good as Bowe. And Bowe has really picked his game up. If Bowe does not get a trip to Hawaii, there’s something wrong with the process. He’s playing like one of the top receivers in the AFC and I’ll be the first to eat some crow.

However, I don’t think any of that happens without the way Jamaal Charles ran the football. Yes, he lost a fumble – which prevents me from giving him an A+ for the game. But he definitely gets a solid A. He finished with 173 yards rushing and a touchdown, not a bad day at all.

Gotta give one more shout out to DL Shaun Smith. Dude gets a rushing touchdown and a sack in the same game – first guy to do that since some guy named “Fridge.” Good stuff overall today – especially with how bad the team looked early on with special teams.

Now, a pair of division games. We’re in the same spot we were a couple of weeks ago. Denver Broncos next on the schedule and the Broncos look horrible. The Chiefs want revenge for how horrible they looked two weeks ago in Denver.

If the Chiefs come out and play offensively the way they have the last few weeks, I think they’ll be fine. And I think we’ll look at that game less as an embarrassing loss, but rather a necessary wake-up call that helped propel this team into the playoffs.

The Chiefs aren’t there yet. There’s still a long way – and a tough road game at the San Diego Chargers – to go. But this squad is playing MUCH better than the last two weeks. Hopefully it’s not just because they’re playing NFC West foes.

Until then, wear your No. 7 jerseys Chiefs nation. Wear them proudly

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  • Cassel is vindicated after the past two weeks. He and Dwayne Bowe have Rice/Montana chemistry working right now. I’ll put up my thoughts in depth tomorrow, but Cassel…wow. This was probably the best game I’ve seen the Chiefs play in several years. Seattle at home is never an easy task, but the Chiefs prevailed. A loss by San Diego tonight, and the Chiefs are sitting pretty with five games left and a possible two game lead in the division with a Chargers loss. Think about that, the Chiefs could go 2-3 against the Broncos, Titans and Raiders at home and San Diego and St. Louis on the road, and the Chargers could go 4-1 and the Chiefs would STILL win the division.

    This is going to be one hell of a December!

  • They’re like Hall and Oates right now.

  • Cassel, Charles, and Bowe were all equally dominant, I don’t think one stands out over the other. but man, woot.

  • Great game, Great win! Good to see the offense really put it together. Really good to see Cassel and Bowe developing something.

  • A lot of records are being broken this year. Next one likely to be broken? Steve DeBerg’s TD/INT ratio record of 23:4, set back in 1990. Cassel will probably shatter that.

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