Cassel may be out vs. Chargers

It may be a good thing the Kansas City Chiefs have a little bit of a cushion now, huh?

Heading into a key AFC West matchup against the San Diego Chargers, Sports Radio 810 WHB reported Wednesday that Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel underwent an emergency appendectomy. His status for Sunday’s game is unknown, but it doesn’t look good.

Chances are, he’ll miss at least this week and possibly the next game on the road against St. Louis the next week – though the Chiefs have said it’s “50/50″ that he will play Sunday. I’m not holding my breath.

So we go from people begging for Brodie Croyle to start ahead of Cassel earlier this year to people now worried with Cassel possibly out. What do you think? Are you worried? With this cushion, does it matter?

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  • Pretty big deal. Gonna be out 2 weeks according to the Star.

  • He will play this week… If he is a leader…

  • No, see, playing when you should sit is what killed the Vikings all year. If he’s a leader, he’ll rest now, win the games down the stretch when he’s back and be there for the playoffs.

  • I’ve read that you’re not really suppose to do anything too intense for 3 to 5 days after the surgery, which technically means he could go on Sunday but, like you said, I wouldn’t hold my breath. However, I would have to think he’d be ready next week then.

    No question, it’s a tough break for the Chiefs, but correct me if I’m wrong, I think this week’s game is all about the Chargers. If they’re on their game, the Chargers win whether the Chiefs have Cassel or not. If not, the Chiefs should be able to pound the ball enough to pull off the victory. The other thing to keep in mind is the Chargers have the #1 pass defense in football which is only further evidence Cassel wouldn’t have as substantial a role in this week’s game plan as normal.

    Certainly really nice that the Chiefs were able to win as well as a San Diego loss. I know there’s still 4 games left, but a 2 game lead looks nearly insurmountable now.

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