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BREAKING: Chiefs sign Jamaal Charles to five-year extension

The Chiefs have locked up their franchise running back.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Kansas City Chiefs have signed Jamaal Charles to a five-year, $32.5 million dollar deal. $13 million of the contract is guaranteed.

Get money, get paid.

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  • Nice, and it appears those public speaking lessons (just guessing) are starting to pay off for Charles as well… We can finally understand him in interviews.

    I’m glad the Chiefs have Jones locked up in 2011 as well, especially since they will be playing a 1st place schedule. No temptation to try to go to a one-back system.

  • The “first-place” schedule only really affects two games anymore. You’re still going to have:

    6 against the AFC West
    4 against another AFC division
    4 against an NFC division.

    Every team in the division plays these 14 games. But now, the Chiefs will play two of either the Patriots, Steelers or Jaguars/Colts. That’s provided they hold on and win the division of course.

  • When 10 wins doesn’t make the playoffs, and 11 may not… 2 of 3: Pats, Steelers, Jags/Colts instead of Bills and Browns is huge.

    2011 Chiefs Matchups
    San Diego – 2
    Denver – 2
    Oakland – 2
    Green Bay
    Steelers or Ravens
    Jaguars or Colts

    Only 4 of those teams currently have a losing record… So yes, a first place vs. a last place schedule is HUGE, especially when you have much tougher divisions coming up in the schedule rotation.

  • Yeah, but from year-to-year it doesn’t always matter. This year, we’d have had Cincinnati as a first-place team. That wouldn’t have been a bad game. I’d take another game with the Jaguars. The Colts seem to be on the way down – unless they have a great offseason.

    Plus, the Raiders seem to be the only other team in the division with an arrow pointing anywhere near up – to steal a Todd Haley phrase. I’m not worried about next year’s schedule that much. Plus, Detroit and Minnesota are on there – though I think Minnesota will be better once Flasher-Man decides to finally freaking retire.

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