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Which AFC West Team Are You Rooting For Tonight?

Nice win by the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. That was the rebound game that they needed. Now, the Chiefs hold their playoff destiny in their hands. I am not going to say in six weeks that they missed the playoffs because they were a year away. That changed as soon as they won their third game in three weeks. Getting 3-5 wins out of the next six games won’t be easy but the Chiefs’ capability of getting those wins exceeds the odds of other teams making the playoffs but have more barriers because they play in different divisions.

Taking a glance at the 6-4 Kansas City Chiefs’ schedule, theirs can be considered light but not a cakewalk. The Chiefs are better than the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams but the Chiefs will be on the road. They will be ahead of the Denver Broncos, the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders at the end of the season and the Chiefs should win at least two of three of the home contests against these opponents.

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    The toughest team the Chiefs will face in the rest of the schedule is the home team tonight. It appears that Travis is right and I was a little premature in counting the San Diego Chargers out. Oddly enough, it will probably be more important to beat Oakland and Denver than San Diego. Both of those teams are capable of sticking around and losing another division game may give those teams the leverage they need once Week 17 is done. However, if the Chiefs can beat the Chargers in San Diego, that might just rap up the division.


    However, that’s not why I wrote tonight.

    Tonight’s game between the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos will have my interest. In an ideal world, both teams would lose. The next best thing may be that the Chargers lose at home to the Broncos. I will be putting aside my hatred for the Denver Broncos because a win for them against the Chargers would put both teams at 4-6, two games behind the Chiefs.

    The Broncos’ schedule  is weak for the remainder of the season but I can’t really worry about them despite how strong they looked against the Chiefs last week. The Chargers’ schedule is even weaker than the Broncos‘ and I believe them to have the better team. However, just like the Broncos had a lot to play for against the Chiefs, nearly just as much is at stake tonight against the Chargers. If the Broncos lose, they would probably have to win out to make the playoffs.

    It will be interesting to see which Broncos team shows up tonight. I think the Chargers win big but Denver could continue the rampage they started last weekend. Meaningful games are what make the NFL and it is a lot better to watch games like this when the Chiefs have playoff aspirations.

    Who are you rooting for?

    Prediction: Chargers 35 Broncos 27

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    • This one’s easy. Chargers are the MUCH more dangerous team with the lighter schedule the rest of the way. Best thing for the Chiefs is for the Chargers to lose.

    • @ChiefsCommand I would rather cheer on the Chargers, but we all know we need the Broncos to win. Hoping the Broncos win makes me feel dirty.

    • @ChiefsCommand The Broncos, I guess. But like you said “In an ideal world, both teams would lose.” LOL! If only! :) #GoChiefs

    • I am personally rooting for the Broncos. I hate the fact that the whooped us last week, but I see the Chargers as a threat to take the division. They always seem to pull themselves together at this point in the season, and a loss to Denver, dropping them into a tie for third would successfully stint their advance. A Denver win would put SD 2 games back with 6 weeks to go. A lot of ground to gain on KC when we have the easiest remaining stretch of our schedule.

    • A little late, I know, but here is my roots…

      Normally I would root for San Diego because I absolutely hate the Broncos more than any other team in the NFL.

      I want the Broncos to win tonight because the Chargers have a better shot at catching the Chiefs in the division.

      However, I picked San Diego in my Pick ‘Em pool. If Chargers win and the combined score is more than 60, I win $150… So, overall, I am rooting for the Chargers from the beginning

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