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A Win Against the Indianapolis Colts Could Bring the Kansas City Chiefs to a Whole New Level

It’s damn nice to have football be relevant in this town again. But the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t accomplished anything yet. They are 3-0, but Mike Vrabel points out that none of the playoff teams he played on with the New England Patriots made the postseason with three wins. Point being, if the Chiefs want to have success, they must continue to win.

Sunday’s matchup with the Indianapolis Colts (2-2) provides a unique opportunity for the Chiefs: to send a message to the rest of the NFL and the world that they are for real. A win on Sunday would do huge things for the Chiefs’ chances this year, as well as boosting the swagger of both the team and its fan base.

If Kansas City beats Indy, expect the whole outlook of this season to change. The Chiefs will go from being a neat story to being considered a top team and serious contender.

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    Defeating Peyton Manning and the Colts is no easy task; the Colts have been a consistently dominant force in the AFC for a very long time. But the Chiefs actually match up well with Indy because of the running game. It’s no secret that in the National Football League, being able to run the ball and being able to stop the run are huge keys to winning. Not have the Chiefs thrived this year in both categories, but the Colts have miserably failed in them. Look for Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, and Dexter McCluster to have a field day against this defense; they simply should not be able to stop us on the ground. Matt Cassel will need to hold onto the ball, but the main reason I am cautiously optimistic about this game is that our strength is their weakness. If the Chiefs just continue to do what they do well, they can win. Chew up the clock and pound the ball down their throats. The other reason, though not the focus of this post, is that Peyton Manning is a combined 0-6 against defenses that Romeo Crennel was either the defensive coordinator or the head coach. He might be the only coach in the NFL with Peyton’s number, which bodes well for the Chiefs.

    I’ve told you before that the Chiefs absolutely needed to win their Monday night matchup with the San Diego Chargers to open the season; they did that and improved from a bad team that is rebuilding to a scrappy team with some young talent. I also told you that the Chiefs would have a huge win if they could beat the San Francisco 49ers; they did that too, improving from a scrappy team with some young talent to a pretty good team with a big lead on the AFC West. If they can beat the Colts on Sunday, they will become a force to be reckoned with. With a win, it won’t be long before some analysts start talking about the Chiefs as one of the elite teams in all of football. Nick Wright of 610 Sports KCSP makes a fair argument that with a win, the Chiefs not only are likely to make the playoffs, but to also have a home playoff game. How does that sound?

    The Chiefs are still the underdogs; they are the biggest dogs in football this week. All things considered, it’d still be pretty remarkable to see a win over Peyton and the Colts, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. I’m not even predicting the Chiefs to win. It’s too tough to pick against Peyton Manning at home in the dome. But if the Chiefs are able to pull off the upset and improve to 4-0, we will see a crazy Chiefs fan base the likes of which Kansas City has not seen since 2003. If the Chiefs beat Indy, this could be one hell of a season.

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    • Great stuff again, Tom. I’m not sure I can pick the Chiefs like you said. But a win tomorrow makes everyone take a closer look at the Chiefs, not only as playoff contenders, but Super Bowl contenders as well.

    • Thanks, Brian. A win would be huge, no doubt. let’s see if they can pull it off.

    • It is probably the hardest game on the schedule. If they win this, it will be huge. The next two games will be a big test for the Chiefs. If they can win one of these games, they should be contenders. After Houston, I would like to see some demonstrative wins. Blowouts are too much to ask for on the road against the Colts and the Texans but winning against either team will be impressive. The Chiefs this year will prove their meddle on the road. The Chiefs could get that elusive victory from the Colts but it won’t be easy. Like most of the Chiefs Command crew, I am doubtful. I think the Chiefs will at least give them a good game.

    • Nice read, Tom. I think yoiu are the most opimistic blogger on CC.

      Nothing wrong with that at all!

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