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5 things learned from tonight’s Chiefs practice

It took a little coaxing, but eventually I convinced my buddy Alex Thompson to go with me to the open-to-the-public Kansas City Chiefs practice tonight at Arrowhead Stadium.

My main goal for the evening was not to watch the Chiefs  practice, but to check out the renovations to Arrowhead Stadium because, let’s face it, it is much easier to tour the stadium with 10,000ish fans in attendance, rather than 75,000 fans.

Although my goal was not the practice itself, I did have a chance to watch some of the practice, as I had to repeatedly stop and wait for Alex as his Flomax failed him again and again tonight.

5 things learned from tonight’s KC Chiefs practice:
  1. The Club Level is really nice… Overly nice. The entire level is enclosed with multiple large bars and dining areas… I wouldn’t be shocked to find out these public areas are barely used by ticket holders and suite owners… Essentially, a waste of my tax dollars.
  2. The press box is REALLY high. If you get scared walking up the spiral ramps, you probably will want to stay away from the 8th level, just below the press box. At least twice as high as the spiral ramps, glass angling away from the stadium lines the 8th level. As you lean forward, looking down, you can really get a sense of how high you are… Alex was scared…
  3. Dexter McCluster, Kansas City Chiefs

    Dexter McCluster on July 31, 2010 at Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph, MO.

  4. Those of you who know me, know I have no problem dropping $75 on a t-shirt or $100 on a jacket of either the Royals or the Chiefs, which is exactly what I planned to do tonight. Well, the Chiefs Team Store doesn’t have any clothing that is worth a crap for my demographic. All the t-shirts for men are made of the thick and rough Wal-Martesque cotton, the hats were designed for thugs, middle aged men or preppy d-bags and the jackets are in the same style. The Royals definitely have the Chiefs beat in variety and quality of clothing options.
  5. The Hall of Honor is amazing! Our self-guided tour throughout each level of Arrowhead Stadium lasted an hour and 45 minutes… We could have easily spent three or more hours in the Hall of Honor alone. I highly recommend arriving at the stadium as soon as gates open one Sunday afternoon and spending as much time as possible in the Hall of Honor before the crowd arrives.
  6. Dexter McCluster is going to be a very exciting weapon in the Chiefs offense. It seemed as if McCluster repeatedly beat defenders deep. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the jerseys of the defensive players, but it appears McCluster is the “real deal” coming out of the slot receiver position for the Chiefs.

Although my trip did not bring much insight to the 2010 Chiefs… It was a quite enjoyable evening, and I am hoping another situation arises which will allow me to spend more time in the Hall of Honor without masses of fans.

If you hear of such an opportunity, please let me know!

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  • The Dex-Factor is going to be awesome this year. I just hope he doesn't disappear in crucial situations. All signs from camp and from what i've seen at camp/pre-season is that he is the real deal. Love the updates on the new stadium! Can't wait to see it!

  • Damn Travis, my wife is out of town and I had the night off work, where was my phone call? KC drafting Dexter had me shaking my head at first, but if they use him right he could be an explosive new weapon.

  • Sorry pal, I know you are always working and have school, so it skipped my mind.

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