Jared Allen Sacks Matthew Stafford Week 3 2011

5 Reasons the Vikings could beat the Chiefs

Week 3 in San Diego was exteremely deflating for Chiefs fans. While the Chargers never trailed in the game, the Cheifs found themselves with a solid opportunity to drive 66 yards with 1:24 remaining, score a touchdown and win the game.

At that point, even though the Chiefs had no timeouts, Chiefs fans felt as if this was the turning point in the season. The final drive started with a pass to TE Leonard Pope for 23 yards. The season was on the brink of savior. All doubts about Matt Cassel were about to fade and the “Suck for Luck” talk was about to disappear.

Then, we remembered — Matt Cassel has never brought his team back to win a game when training by a touchdown or less with 2:00 or less remaining in the game. 2011, week 3 in San Diego was no different. The play-call was a screen pass to Dexter McCluster in the left flat. San Diego blew up the play, Matt Cassel rushed and blindly threw the ball into the gut of Eric Weddle for an interception. Dexter McCluter watched, and didn’t even put a hand out… No hope restored….

Many fans feel the week 4 matchup against the Vikings is the best matchup so far in 2011 for the Chiefs. With both teams 0-3, one team will get a win, why not the Chiefs?

Matt Cassel and the Passing Game

All week, fans have heard about the #29 ranked Vikings pass defense, allowing 299 yards per game. Let’s talk about the #31 ranked Chiefs pass offense, who is averaging 131 yards per game and tied for 26th with only six plays of 20+ yards. Time and time again, we see Matt Cassel look to his #1 option in the pass play, then crumble in fear. When Dwayne Bowe is covered on Sunday, I expect nothing else.

Adrian Peterson

The Chiefs are 28th in the NFL against the rush, allowing 123 yards per game.

Following the week 3 loss against the Detroit Lions, Adrian Peterson publicly expressed his displeasure with receiving only5 carries in the second half.

No chance the Vikings refuse to pound Adrian Peterson against the weak Chiefs rush defense.

Kyle Segal from Daily NorsemanThe Chiefs are ranked 28th against the rush right now. Granted, that’s only after three games, but those games were against Detroit- ranked 26th offensively on the run, against San Diego- ranked 16th in that category, and then admitedly against Buffalo, which is ranked 4th…. exactly one below the Vikings, and when you look at the Bills game, not for nothing, but they did gash the Chiefs on the run, with Fred Jackson gaining 112 yards. While it’s true Jackson currently has Adrian Peterson beat in the overall category with 303 yards to AP’s 296, I still say there’s no comparing the two guys. Assuming the Vikings utilize AP more in the second half, which the fans have been screaming for- and AP’s own father recently joining that chorus- then he can probably carry to the team to victory with sheer willpower.

From Purple Jesus Diaries: This week Adrian Peterson, aka Purple Jesus, has made it QUITE CLEAR to the coaching staff that he was very, very upset with only getting five carries in the second half of the Lions game. Peterson knows you have to do some ball control when you have a huge lead, and he made some public comments that let his coaching staff know that diminished carries in the 3rd and 4th quarters is unacceptable. This week, he appears to be a man on a mission and I doubt he’ll let the coaches screw with him. I see him having a big day, running like a bat out of hell, and taking this game over late. Regardless, neither team is very good this year, so I’m not expecting anything more than a sexy pillow fight on Sunday.

Jared Allen and the P0ass Rush of the Vikings

No doubt, Jared Allen is one of the best, and proven — Sorry, Tamba Hali — pass rushers in the NFL. In his Tuesday press conference, Todd Haley said he wished Allen were still in KC.

Allen had 3 sacks week 3 in Detroit, Brain Robison added 2 more sacks from the other side.

Expect a ton of quick drop-roll-to-the-right dump off passes from Matt Cassel… Branden Albert stands no chance in blocking Allen on five or seven step drop backs.

Matt Cassel. Period.

Described above, the Chiefs, once again, put Matt Cassel in a situation where he had a chance to lead the offense and win the game for the Chiefs. Failure. Again…

Who the Hell is Calling the Plays?

To me, there was a noticeable shift in the play calling in the second half of the game in San Diego… The offense seemed to be more aggressive. Was this the official shift from Bill Muir calling the plays to Todd Haley taking over? If so, will they stick with it?

My Prediction

BetUS.com currently has the Chiefs as three point underdogs. In the pre-season, I picked the Vikings to dead last in the NFC North… The record is proving to be true.

I am taking the Chiefs to get their first win of 2011.

Kansas City Chiefs 20 – Minnesota Vikings 17

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments section below!


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