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5 Reasons the San Francisco 49ers should beat the Kansas City Chiefs

For the third straight week, the Kansas City Chiefs face-off against a winless team… Sure, it’s only week three, so the first week doesn’t count, and the second week barely counts, but it sure does feel great to be on the right side of that stat for once, doesn’t it, Chiefs fans?!!?

In week three, the San Francisco 49ers travel to Kansas City and another sold-out crowd at Arrowhead Stadium.

I have teamed up with Sam from 49ers Examiner and Bryan from 49ers Paradise to bring you five reasons the 49ers could beat the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon.

Following the 5 reasons the San Francisco 49ers could win, I will give my predictions for the game.

5: Alex Smith is developing into an actual NFL quarterback

Ask Chiefs fans, at this point 99.999% of Chiefs fandom would take Alex Smith over Matt Cassel. Entering week 3, Smith is 10th in the NFL in passing yards at 500.

4: San Francisco has the man power to stop the Chiefs running game… and passing game…

The 49ers are allowing 63.5 rushing yards per game. Patrick Willis is one of the best inside linebackers in the game, who head coach Mike Singletary recently compared to a young Ray Lewis. That’s a pretty big compliment from one of the best linebackers to ever play the game.

Through the air San Francisco has nabbed 4 interceptions and Matt Cassel has thrown 2 picks in 50 attempts. San Fran is only allowing 201 yards per game through the air, but Cassel is only throwing for 122 per game… No positive combinations there.

3: Chiefs offensive play calling

Stagnant, boring, predictable… How else would you describe the offensive play calling so far in the 2010 season? Dexter McCluster, who appeared to be a game-changing player for the Chiefs coming out of training camp, has four offensive touches in the first two games. 2 receptions for 9 yards. 2 rushes for 3 yards.

2: Smack talk

I love me some good old-fashioned smack talk! “We have to win this one. We will win this one. I’m pretty confident that we will pull this one out. We will win this game. We have the team to do it. We’ve just got to get rid of all the mistakes. Without the mistakes, there’s no telling where we can go. There’s no limit.” – Vernon Davis

1: Frank Gore

At 5’9″ and 217 lbs, Gore is a bowling ball with great hands. Putting up 252 all-purpose yards in the first two games, Gore is working on his fifth straight season with 1400 all-purpose yards. Gore also catches the ball out of the backfield, averaging 52 receptions over the last four years… As a quick comparison, the Chiefs #1 wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe, has averaged 67 receptions over the last three years… Gore already has 13 catches in 2010.


Although Alex Smith is 10th in the NFL in passing, his QB rating is 64.9, 23rd in the league, and has tossed 4 interceptions. The KC Chiefs defense should be able to capitalize on the still indecisive and inaccurate Smith.

While the 49ers defense may be superior to the Chiefs offense overall, they will be forced to stop the running back duo of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles… That may be much easier said than done… No matter how lack-luster the play calling of Charlie Weis. If the Chiefs can successfully mix up the run game with short high-percentage passes, the offense should be successful enough against the 49ers defense.

Where smack talk is concerned, Vernon Davis and the Niners have nothing on Dexter McCluster and the Chiefs. As re-counted by Daniel Brown of 49ers Hot Read:

Dexter McCluster’s trash talk for the 49ers-Chiefs game began last winter, before the game was on the schedule and before McCluster was even on a roster.

The draft prospect took the podium at the NFL Scouting Combine and recounted the day he made Mississippi teammate Patrick Willis “look a little silly” with a juke move during drills.

McCluster added that he was ready to do it to Willis the NFL, too. “I have a little more experience under my belt,” McCluster said, “So I hope he’s ready.”

Let’s hope Charlie Weis takes the advice to mix in a bunch of those short passes to McCluster so we can really see this match-up in action!

The Chiefs probably will not be able to shut down Frank Gore, hopefully the Chiefs D can slow him down just enough, while containing the other 49ers playmakers: Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree… I’m talking to you Eric “Burnt Toast” Berry!

If this can happen and the D can take advantage of the mistakes made by QB Alex Smith, it looks like a 3-0 start for your Kansas City Chiefs!

Kansas City Chiefs 20 – San Francisco 49ers 14
What do you think?

Don’t be shy, leave a comment or question below (registration not required). Do the Kansas City Chiefs have a shot against the San Francisco 49ers?

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  • It seems like the Chiefs will be facing a team that has a great TE and a great running game. That should be challenging for the defense but at least the D has shown it is capable of handling challenges.

    The offense is going to have to come through and, yes, that means Weis will have to as well. I like the extra day Kc has over the Niners and the fact that a West Coast team starts at noon but SF will be hungry and they are probably better.

    Arrowhead better be rocking!

  • I don't get the "Eric Berry is terrible" spiel. If anything, Eric Berry has been average and MUCH better than Mike Brown was last year. I think Berry is going to improve BIG TIME this week and he'll have a hell of a game.

  • I don't think Berry is terrible… He is a young guy who is still learning, but the guy has been burned 2 times deep in 2 games! There is absolutely no denying that statement.

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