Darren McFaden and Michael Bush, Oakland Raiders

5 Reasons the Oakland Raiders could beat the KC Chiefs

To all Kansas City Chiefs fans who laughed at and booed me last week for the 5 Reasons: Bills Edition, I accept your apologies…. No need to say it aloud.

Maybe now you will read this column BEFORE you drink the homer Kool-Aid, given to you like a timed weekly sedative each by other Chiefs bloggers and the sports radio talking heads, all of which are telling Chiefs fans again this week that there’s nothing to be worried about on Sunday… Well, those guys are wrong! All of whom declined again to participate in this column in week 9.

The Chiefs’ week 9 matchup against the Oakland Raiders is the scariest game of the season!

That’s right, more scary than either the Indianapolis Colts game or the Houston Texans game. In those two games, not many NFL fans expected the Chiefs to win. Low expectations equals low scare factor. It’s that simple. I didn’t expect the Chiefs to win, so I wasn’t too scared about the matchup or upset when they didn’t win.

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    In week 9, however, the Chiefs are expected by most Chiefs fans to go to Oakland this weekend and return home with a win.

    Thanks for help with 5 Reasons – Black Hole Edition:

    5: The Black (A)Hole Advantage

    We have all heard stories about, and may even know, Chiefs fans who have been aggressively harassed or even physically harmed by rabid Raiders fans. Some fans have have even told me they no longer wear Kansas City Chiefs gear when they go to Oakland for the yearly matchup. Raiders fans are unruly, rude, inappropriate and down-right ass holes in the stadium!

    Mykle Van Hausen from Raider Nation Station:

    Raiders fans hope they can help the Chiefs stall out and fall off a cliff like the 6-0 Broncos did last year.

    That being said, there are a lot of Chiefs fans who are trolling die-hard homer ass holes online who hide behind an anonymous username and profile pic… We all know where they hang out… I think I like the ass-hole-to-your-face die-hard fans better!

    4: Matt Cassel… PLEASE play your way off this list!

    So close to falling off this list, Matt Cassel had arguably his “worst game of the season” in week 8 against the Bills, according to Chiefs Command blogger Jason Tarwater. I would argue that Chiefs fans would still like to see Cassel take over a game when he is needed… Yes, he may have led the Chiefs down the field to kick the winning field goal as time expired in over-time, but that was his 5th attempt in the game…

    Eric Galko from NFL House

    The key to this game will be how the Chiefs offensive line, allowing the 2nd least sacks in the NFL, deals with the red-hot Raiders defense. Matt Cassell’s inability to deal with pressure will be the downfall as the Chiefs travel on the road in Oakland.

    Kris Frazier from Endzone Jumper

    The  biggest factor in this game will be Matt Cassel’s performance. This is the best pass defense he has faced since week one. While the Raiders only have 4 interceptions on the season they do have 24 sacks.

    While the Chiefs’ offensive line has only allowed 8 sacks on the season… Let’s hope Matt Cassel can go through his progressions and get rid of the ball…

    Nnamdi Asomugha, Oakland Raiders

    Nnamdi Asomugha, the best d-back in the game?

    3: Nnamdi Asomugha. Sorry homers, Brandon Flowers is NOT this good!

    Jordan Heck from The Cover Two

    Asomugha is the best corner in the NFL right now. But what about Revis? Revis Island is trendy and everything, but trust me…Asomugha is the best. Now, he is injured and may not play this week but he’s not the only part of the Raiders secondary. The Raiders are fifth in the league against the pass as a team so if the Chiefs fall behind quickly it will be tough for them to come back passing the football.

    Ya, ya… Nnamdi Asomugha is “iffy” for the game on Sunday, but Jordan has it right on… If Asomugha even steps on the field, he will single-handedly shut down the entire Chiefs passing game…

    2: Hot is Hot. Warm is Warm.

    Yes, the Chiefs have won their last two games, as have the Raiders, however, the Chiefs scored only 13 points against the Bills and the week before, the Chiefs were unable to pull away early from a Jaguars team who were without their top 2 quarterbacks and playing with a guy who literally came in from the farm just four days before.

    In the same period, the Raiders absolutely rolled the Broncos in Denver, then repeated the performance against the Seahawks… Both from the opening kickoffs… Ut ohh!

    1: Darren McFadden, Michael Bush & Marcel Reece
    Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles celebrate a touchdown

    Thomas Jones & Jamaal Charles, best RB duo in the NFL?

    Marcus Im from The Ed Read Blog

    Darren McFadden and the rest of the Oakland Raiders running game is unstoppable right now. He’s currently averaging the most yards from scrimmage of any RB in the entire league, and that’s a big testament to him considering CJ2K, Peterson, and Foster are all running wild themselves. Possibly the most concerning outing for the Chiefs is how Oakland stomped the Seahawks last weekend. Sure, the Raiders utterly destroyed the Broncos before that, but what the Raiders did to the Seahawks’ rushing defense has to draw special attention from the eyes of Romeo Crennel. To put it simply, the Seahawks had the #2 rushing defense in the league before last weekend against the Raiders, and all of a sudden (239 rushing yards later), they’ve dropped to #10. Nobody would’ve expected the Raiders to run like this, but it’s happening, and the Chiefs’ much-improved defense will definitely be tested.

    Greg Louzao from Raider Nation Podcast

    The Chiefs have been very LUCKY against teams like the Chargers and even luckier with the Bills. It’s time to face the music in Oakland and with the players that the Raiders have collected in the last 3 drafts like Darren McFadden and Michael Bush along with Marcel Reece our offense is prime to explode as we did IN Denver.

    I think Marcus and Greg pretty well covered my thoughts on that topic. All week I have been debating which duo/trio is better between the Chiefs and Raiders… I still haven’t come to a conclusion, but I am leaning towards the Chiefs due to their durability.


    Hank Koebler from Xtra Point Football

    I cannot think of any reason the Chiefs would lose to the Raiders, and none of the Chiefs fans I’ve talked to (I go to Mizzou, so I know a ton of Chiefs fans) can think of any reasons either.

    That’s pretty bold!

    The Chiefs and the Raiders are very similar teams. They both possess a deadly rush game, average, at best, quarterbacks, and solid, but not fantastic defenses. The Chiefs have an edge in coaching staff, like they will have in nearly every game they play in 2010.

    That being said, I like the dominating hot-streak the Raiders are riding and think it will be very tough for the Chiefs to end the streak.

    Todd Haley fails to take early points again, this time it costs the Chiefs the game…

    Oakland Raiders 20 – Kansas City Chiefs 17

    What do you think? What are your points for both teams in the week 9 matchup?

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    • Looking forward to this match-up! I love great running battles, and the rivalry between OAK and KC will finally be restored this year. Battle for the AFC West!

    • Hey Marcus, Thanks again for the collaboration! You took the words right out of my mouth… or fingers… about the Raiders rushing game!

      What is your prediction for this game?

    • One thing that plays into the Chiefs favor against those running backs – or the running battle in general. Chiefs do have the No. 1 rushing attack to Raiders No. 2. However, the Chiefs rushing defense is MUCH better than the Raiders – and that’s after playing the Broncos (who have zero rushing attack to speak of) and the Seahawks with Forsett and Lynch.

      None of those teams have a running game like the Chiefs have. So this will be interesting.

      This will be one of those weeks where the scout O should include the starting running backs for BOTH teams. I think this is going to be a good one.

      More than anything, I’m just glad this matchup means something again. It hasn’t for a while.

    • @Jason – What is your outcome prediction?

    • I’m a big believer in the “any given Sunday” theory. And my rationale for that is that there are at least 5 players on any team you face that would bench the starters on your own team. I think there are a lot more than 5 guys on the Raiders that would start in KC going strictly on talent. One of the big problems with the Raiders has been that’s almost always been the case, their problems seem to be more coach and team unity related. Despite how they’ve played the last couple of games, I still think that’s the case.

      Marty’s theory on beating the Raiders may be more true than ever before – keep close and keep pressure on them and they’ll beat themselves. The Raiders have done absolutely NOTHING to show that’s not the case this year. If KC can keep it close, which is a trend in these games, I think KC will take it. If they let the Raiders build a big lead we’re in a lot of trouble. My dream scenario is that KC runs it up against them and sends them spiraling back down, but I’m not betting on it.

    • Unsure. As I said, a lot depends on Asomugha. And it also depends on what the Weis game plan is. Also, McCluster playing would mean a lot.

      Right now, I think things are stacked in favor of the Raiders. However, I think the Chiefs overall are the better team.

    • @ChiefsCommand Thanks for having me. Looking forward to working together again sometime.

    • The Raiders defense puts up a ton of STATS. Lots of sacks, etc. Not too many INTs though as you point out. Cassel has thrown three INTs all year. The Raiders may sack Cassel three or four times this Sunday, but this game will be won on the ground.

      The Raiders struck early and often against Denver and Seattle. Seattle and Denver can’t run the ball. The Chiefs can. Oakland can’t stop the run. 28th worst run defense in football. Cassel is going to have to win it by himself if the Raiders stop the run. But I doubt they do.

    • I absolutely agree that the Raiders run defense is a lot worse than KC’s, especially considering it’s still ranked 25+ after shutting down SEA last week. Moreno still put up a good showing against the Raiders in the midst of the blow-out, so if KC brings their best running game to the Black Hole, the Raiders are in for a long day.

      I believe the Raiders are finally starting to gel on both sides of the ball, but even so, the Raiders defense won’t be able to stop KC’s offensive line, Jones, and Charles…

      I predict 24-20, Kansas City Chiefs, in THE best game of the weekend. Who would’ve guessed?

    • We’re missing the biggest factor in this game as to why the Chiefs will win – if they do indeed win (please note the wording).

      Haley, Weis, Crennel vs. Raiders coaching staff.

      How do we know Chiefs didn’t look bad last week trying to work on Oakland stuff last week knowing how big of a game this would be? Raiders definitely have the attention of Crennel. Should be interesting.

      If it comes down to coaching, edge definitely swings to Chiefs. Not even close.

    • When are people gonna stop complaining about the Haley gambles? just relax and have fun with it. Chiefs 31, Raiders 24

    • I will stop complaining about the Haley gambles when actually decides the outcome of a game in a positive manner… To date, that hasn’t really happened. Just like I will lay off of Matt Cassel when he drives the filed and sticks the ball in the end zone when the Chiefs need him to carry them.

    • didn’t it have a positive influence in the CLE game?

    • Tom: Comparing the one time in the Cleveland game to the ones in the Buffalo games make no sense.

      Haley didn’t take points off the board in the Cleveland game. Only went for it on 4th down ONCE, late in the game trying to close out the win. Totally different scenario. Way defense was playing, doubt Cleveland would have scored if he would have punted. He went for it at about the 36 yard line, not exactly in field goal range. That’s no-man’s land.

      As I said, scenarios were TOTALLY different from Sunday – scoreless game, chance to get on the board, and it nearly came back to bite them.

      The main close Haley gamble games: Indy and Buffalo. In neither gamble did it really help the Chiefs.

    • I wasn’t comparing the two. I was giving an example of travis to when haley’s gamble decided the outcome of the game in a positive manner.
      but as for the rest, I’m gonna stick to the stats on this one over conventional wisdom. plus it’s just fun to watch a coach that loves to be as aggressive as haley is

    • The field goal in the 1st quarter? Ya, loved the call… Would love to see it again this week…

      No seriously, I assume you’re talking about the 4th and 1 (inches) that took the game to the 2 minute warning?

      If so, I don’t lump that into the “gambling” category. From the Cleveland 36 – A field goal is ~53 yards and a punt most likely nets16 yards, so I don’t really consider it a “gamble” to go for the 1st down. A punt, missed field goal or missed 4th down conversion all mean the Browns need to go down and get a FG. A successful field goal means they need a TD, any of the 4 outcomes, only 1 score for the Browns to win.

      Preference in that situation, in my mind:
      1) Go for it
      2) Punt
      3) Field goal

    • yeah, I don’t see there really being a “gamble” in the Cleveland game. That game was decided by the way the Chiefs played defense, not a fourth and 1 call.

    • Also, I should mention, I am not against aggressive play-calling… I simply want the points in the 1st quarter… How often do we hear that a team “needs to start fast?”

      Every week… 1st quarter points = starting fast.

    • And I’M not saying Haley shouldn’t gamble. But you know to know when the time is right to gamble. Don’t be Austin Powers, look at a 3 and a 2 and say, “I’ll stay. I TOO like to live dangerously.”

      Don’t just gamble to gamble. Pick your spots. Last week in the first quarter was not the spot.

    • well according to stats it would be a gamble to kick the FG..

      and also it’s worth noting how the game’s other fieldgoals were affected by the wind

    • In that case, Succop misses the field goal in the 1st quarter, then adjusts for the first field goal attempt in OT… OT is NOT the time to finally figure out how the wind will affect a kick.

    • Oh… Hey Big Chief… Welcome!

      I am absolutely with you on the “any given Sunday” theory. I NEVER look past a game… This is probably the major reason I am looked up as the site pessimist or hater…

    • @ChiefsCommand no problem!

    • I’ve heard Nnamdi Asomugha is out for this one which is obviously a big disadvantage for Oakland. Yea, Oakland been able to put up the points the past couple weeks, but neither team is near the quality of Kansas City, nor do either of those teams have a defensive coordinator the caliber of Romeo Crennel. I’ll take the Chiefs in what should turn out to be a pretty good game.

    • @Stephen – It’s looking more and more as if Asomugha is going to miss this game… That’s a HUGE break for the Chiefs if he does!

    • @ChiefsCommand we shall see what happens :)

    • @Gaga_Denver Best thing that could happen for the #Broncos is to fire Josh MCDaniels!

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