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5 Reasons the Indianapolis Colts will beat the Kansas City Chiefs

It would have been hard to imagine during training camp that the Kansas City Chiefs would remain as the last unbeaten team in the NFL.

As difficult as it may have been to imagine the Chiefs sitting atop the AFC West following the bye week, yet the fact remains… The Chiefs, at 3-0 and #1.

I can’t believe it myself, and I picked the Chiefs to start 3-0 when doing my pre-season schedule run-down and predictions…

Throughout the bye week I spent a lot of time traveling the internet and reading NFL blogs, articles, columns and micro-blogs of all types and all teams.

Things learned on my journey:
  • In pre-season picking the Chiefs to go 9-7 on the season labels you a homer
  • Picking the Chiefs to go 9-7 after they have started the season 3-0 labels you a pessimistic hater
  • Chiefs opponents’ fans like this column
  • Chiefs fans don’t like this column
  • Most sports bloggers and blog readers are nice
  • Many people who hang out on fan forums/message boards are pricks

Week 5 takes the Chiefs to Indianapolis to face the Colts and their toughest match-up of the season… A match-up that most likely will bring the Chiefs back to Kansas City with a 3-1 record… So, why will the Chiefs lose to the Colts?

First, thanks to all the friends of Chiefs Command who helped me out this week:

Newest Chiefs Posts

    5: Fate is just like any another 4-letter word
    Fate has been with the Chiefs so far this season, but as I said in one of my blog posts, fate is just a word. Peyton Manning has made a career out of whipping fate’s ass and if you’re the Chiefs, you might just have to accept that there is a man and a team on the horizon who don’t care what fate has to say because they are the Indianapolis Colts and they make their own destiny.
    Neil: Armchair Linebacker

    Let us not forget, we are the sports fans of Kansas City… We have not yet earned, nor do we deserve, anything from the sports gods…

    4: Home Sweet Dome! & Meaningful Games
    Indy has won 16 straight meaningful home games in a row.  (six straight to end 2008, first seven of 2009, two playoff games, and week 2 of 2010).
    Demond & Deshawn:

    Wouldn’t that be nice Chiefs fans? Being able to separate Chiefs games into two categories… Those that matter in securing a playoff spot (and playoff games), then dumping the others into a “Don’t Matter” category.

    3: Colts offense will hold the Chiefs running game in check

    It’s easy to say the Chiefs need to run the ball and control the clock to be able to win the game. It sounds so simple, so obvious… It’s not. Whether or not the Chiefs are able to run the ball well against the Colts, eventually they will be forced to abandon the run in favor of the potentially quicker scores in the passing game.

    Josh of Pro Football 101 sums up my point:

    Expect a close game until midway through the 3rd quarter, but experience and skill will win out in the end.
    2: One Second Too Long or The Matt Cassel Story

    A little story about a boy named Matty… Matty liked his football. He liked his football SO much that he never wanted to share it with any of his friends…

    One day Matty and his friends began a journey; a journey that lead him to a magical place… This place was called Indianapolis!

    Once in this magical place, Matty and his friends encountered two enormous snarling beasts, referred to by the native people as the Freeney and the Mathis. These beasts were always hungry and loved to eat footballs, and they especially wanted to eat Matty’s football. The Freeney and the Mathis chased Matty all day and all night, trying to get his football…

    Matty refused to give his football to his friends so they could hide it in a super-secret place called the End Zone. His friends begged him, they screamed and yelled for Matty to give them the football so they could hide it and make the beasts leave him alone… Stubborn Matty refused. After so much running and jumping, Matty was exhausted…The beasts caught up to Matty… And they bit off his fucking head!!! They also ate Matty’s football…

    Moral of the story: Survey the field and throw the ball quickly or get destroyed by Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis!

    Story inspired by and dedicated to Brett Mock of Coltzilla

    1: Did you know that one guy in those commercials with Justin Timberlake plays football?

    I would be curious to listen to Colts’ opponents’ sports talk radio week in and week out… I bet no other player is more talked about by the opposition’s fan base than Peyton Manning. As said by Blaine Grider of 65 Toss Power Trap:

    Kansas City’s defense is one of the league’s best through three games, but Manning is one of the few QBs in the NFL who can pick a defense apart almost single-handedly. Romeo Crennel’s ability to mask coverage types and blitzes – to somehow confuse Manning into making mistakes – will likely define the outcome of the game.

    While the Chiefs have been amazing in 2010, out-performing expectations from even the biggest homer fans, the team will experience their first loss in week 5.

    Peyton Manning is simply too much for the young Chiefs secondary to handle. Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones should, and will, run all over the Colt defense, but the Chiefs will soon find themselves out-gunned and forced to switch primarily to the passing game in desperation to catch up/not let the game get out of hand.

    Once forced to rely on the passing game exclusively, the Chiefs offense and Matt Cassel will be exploited by defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. The high-powered Colts offense forcing the Chiefs to throw the ball will lead to a boost Cassel’s passing yards total, but will also increase Cassel’s propensity to turn over the ball.

    Indianapolis Colts 35 – Kansas City Chiefs 27
    14 Comments Say Something
    • I like numbers – part of why I’m a big baseball fan.

      Here are Manning’s numbers at home after a loss.

      1,432 yards
      13 TDs
      2 INTs

      That looks daunting coming into this week. Not going to lie to you.

    • BTW, those numbers are since 2004. I could add 2003 into that if you’d like.

      Here: in 2003, Manning had two home games after a loss, both of them were wins.

      His numbers:
      49 of 66
      670 yards
      4 TDs
      0 INTs

      So since 2003, he has 17 TDs, 2 INTs in 8 home games after a loss. Damn.

    • No doubt… Where can the Chiefs find a guy like that?

      Maybe we have him! Don’t remember who it was or where it was, but someone pointed out that Matt Cassel has the exact same record (as a starting QB) as Peyton Manning did at this point in his career.

    • Record? Maybe. But Peyton got the Colts to the playoffs in his second season in 2000. And comparing quarterbacks by w/l record is ignorant.

      Teams win. QBs can help that, but QBs do not win or lose a game by themselves most times. Brady has 100 “wins” but I’d say 60 percent of those came when he had a hellacious defense behind him.

      Hell, Steve Bono went 13-3 one year.

    • People need to quit looking and hoping for the next Manning. Dude is a once in a lifetime quarterback. And in order to get him you need to really suck so you can have the No. 1 pick. Chiefs fans aren’t patient enough to be horrible enough to get the next Manning.

      And don’t give me the Tom Brady sixth-round crap. Put Tom Brady on the Colts and they’re an average team.

    • I agree with those comments as well. In my mind, another championship solidifies Peyton Manning as the greatest QB of all time.

      There is little doubt that Manning will surpass every regular season stat for a QB, but for some reason, the QB position seems to be tied to championships more than any other position.

      And simply, you need multiples to be the best of all time.

    • Dude will have 400 career TD passes this season and most likely less than 200 INTs. Favre can’t claim that. If this truly IS Favre’s last year, then Manning will have to play 4 more years to get past Favre’s TD numbers alone.

      I look at QBs differently. A QBs job is to run the offense, not win. I watched Dan Marino run a perfect offense too many years with zero running game and zero defense to put too much on “wins” as the be-all, end-all stat for a QB.

      Would Montana have been as good with Irving Fryar as the No. 1 receiver, rather than Jerry Rice? What if he didn’t have Roger Craig? What if he didn’t have a good defense? Would he still be considered the greatest QB of all time?

      Here’s something else to consider. Peyton has 11 TDs and 1 INT so far. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s pretty damn good. I think Flowers may get one, but I think at least 3 are going the other way.

    • So, are you saying Manning will or will not surpass Favre? I don’t think 4+ more years is out of the question for Manning.

      Re: Marino – I guarantee he would trade all those stats for one championship.

      I’m right there with you on your INT thoughts, for both teams… However, I hope Eric Berry gets the INT… I really want to bust out the Eric Berry rap on CC.

    • I’m saying he will, but he will have to stay healthy to do it. And if he does, I think you put those numbers in stone. They’ll be like Jerry Rice’s WR numbers.

      Yeah, everyone wants to win. But you can’t tell me Dan Marino didn’t help his team win. You can’t tell me Tom Brady is more important to his team than Dan Marino was when Marino WAS his team. It’s similar to Manning. Manning IS the Colts, pure and simple.

      Do yourself a favor. Look back at some of those guys who were on the Pats D who will be in the HOF.

      Also, neither Manning nor Brady has a Super Bowl ring without Adam Vinatieri.

    • Definitely, I give more credit to the system than the players themselves in New England, especially on the offensive side… And they just keep reloading!!! Go away now, thanks!

      Yes, Vinatieri… The glue that held together those Pats championship teams and the Colts championship team… When is he a free agent next? Welcome to KC, mister Vinateri! (If that’s all it takes to win championships)

    • It’s not all it takes, obviously. But without Vinateri, the Patriots dynasty looks a LOT difference considering the two SB winning kicks he made, plus the kick in the tuck game in the snow that started it all.

      Brady gets all the attention, which is fine. But underestimating Vinateri is not a good idea.

    • 5 Reasons the #Colts will beat the #KC #Chiefs… #NFLBlog by @FunWithTP – What do you think?

    • The Colts haven’t been top notch this season but you have pointed out why it is clear that the Colts hold a distinct advantage when at home. Also, as good as the Chiefs’ running game is, I would bet on Peyton’s arm any day. The Chiefs have had two weeks to prepare but was that even enough? I agree that Chiefs fans should prepare for a loss but the Chiefs are capable of pulling off the shocker.

      I think it may be possible to measure Matt Cassel’s success on whether or not he stays as a fixture in this column throughout the year. Until he shows how he can win football games with his arm, he will be doubted.

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