Jerome Harrison runs over the Kansas City Chiefs

5 Reasons the Cleveland Browns will beat the Kansas City Chiefs

I’m sure many of you read the headline and were quick to give me a big loud “BOO!” Now, that’s not fair… I picked the Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC West with a 9-7 record in 2010.

All of that being said, I am NOT the blogger to blow sunshine and rainbows up your ass and tell you how great everything always is. I do not “fall in love” with a hometown player. I am not the “homer” owner in your fantasy football league. I will not act as if I am, just to get you read the new Friday morning column: 5 Reasons.

Each week I will give you 5 reasons the Chiefs will lose their upcoming game. This does not mean I believe the Chiefs will lose each week, but by Friday you’ve already been filled with sugar and spice by every other Chiefs blog on the internet… It’s time for a little salt and vinegar!

5: Quarterback play

Will it be former Iowa State great Seneca Wallace or former Carolina Panthers great Jake Delhomme slotted to start for the Browns on Sunday? Right now, we don’t know. Jake Delhomme is Reportedly a Game-Time Decision Against Chiefs according to Dawgs by Nature and @OfficialBrowns, the official Twitter account of the Cleveland Browns. So, which QB will fare better against the Chiefs? My bet, Delhomme… But that’s not the point. Either QB will put up better numbers than Brady Quinn‘s 2009 numbers of 66 yards and 2 INTs when the Browns beat the Chiefs 41-34 in week 15.

4: Joshua Cribbs is a Bad Man!

After only one week of real professional football, KC Chiefs fans have fallen in love with Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster… Well, Cleveland Browns fans have had a similar, if not superior, pleasure for 5 seasons plus 1 game with Josh Cribbs. Cribbs has scored 10 special teams touchdowns since 2005. If you remember way, way back, Cribbs took 2 kickoffs to the house in 2009 against the Chiefs.

3: 351

The number of team rushing yards put up by the Cleveland Browns against the Chiefs in 2009. Yes, only one game. Running back Jerome Harrison and his 286 rushing yards are back in 2010, and a sloppy game Monday night did not do much to show us whether or not this Chiefs rush defense is much better than their 31st NFL rank in 2009. Peyton Hillis is a much better #2 back than 2009′s version, Chris Jennings. Senaca Wallace‘s mobility at starting QB will not help the rush defense either.

2: Hope, Sunshine, Optimism & Rainbows

Sunday is the home opener in the Dawg Pound, and Cleveland is a football town! Fans will be pumped up for the game! The stadium will be rockin’ with a sell-out crowd! Noise always affects the opposing team, don’t expect Matt Cassel and the Kansas City offense to simply ignore the noise… It is not fair to believe your own sold out home stadium is an advantage, but not see it as an advantage for your opponent.

1: The Chiefs Suck

Sorry Chiefs fans, its true… As a Chiefs fan, you think the Cleveland Browns suck. On the other sideline, they think the same about the Chiefs. The sports world has similar thoughts. All major sports networks ranked both the Chiefs and Browns in the bottom 1/4 of the NFL in their pre-season power rankings. A week one win did little, if nothing, to boost the Chiefs in the rankings. According to Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Browns should be able to win Sunday with Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace at QB.


The Browns have a solid rushing game, a good special teams, were towards the bottom of the league in passing offense in 2009 and were towards the bottom of the league in both rushing and passing defense in 2009… Sound familiar?

I began the week positive the Chiefs would destroy the Browns. As the week progressed, optimism morphed into realism…

I believe the Chiefs have an advantage slightly, across the board. Let me say that again… Slightly… In no way will any game in 2010 be a cake-walk for the Chiefs, especially not a team and city that is pumped up for their home opener.

Kansas City Chiefs 16 - Cleveland Browns 10
What do you think?

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