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5 Reasons the Chiefs most likely will not win the AFC West

It’s the bye week in Kansas City and the Chiefs are riding high, sitting atop the AFC West at 3-0 with a two game lead in the division.

Following the week 3 whooping put on the San Francisco 49ers in week 3, it has become a love fest in Kansas City… So much so, that some Chiefs Command bloggers seem to think the KC Chiefs will be able to simply walk through their week 5 matchup in Indianapolis against Peyton Manning and the Colts.

In Surviving the Hangover, Andy Kelley picks the Chiefs to beat the Colts 27-20. In Looking Ahead: the Chiefs really can beat the Indianapolis Colts, Brian McGannon tells Chiefs fans there’s nothing the Chiefs offense should be afraid of when looking at the Colts defense.

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    It is time for a reality check, boys and girls… 2010 is far from over!

    5. It’s still early

    Many fans can say they picked the Chiefs to win the 1st three games when first looking over the schedule, I did. I figured a split with San Diego and Oakland and taking two from Denver… That’s 4 wins. I then marked Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, St. Louis Rams down as wins. Taking the win total to 7. Lastly, I looked to the “more difficult games,” marking Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers as wins as well. Bringing my season total to 9 wins. In a weak AFC West… that may be just enough…. but it may not… It’s still early.

    4. They say history repeats itself…

    Remember the last time the Chiefs led the AFC West? I do. It was week 9 of the 2007 season. Tied at 4-4 for 1st with the San Diego Chargers, the Chiefs went on to lose their last 8 games of the season, giving the team an overall nine game losing streak to end the season.

    3. Kyle Orton and the Denver passing game

    When making my pre-season Chiefs projections, I easily counted the Denver Broncos as two wins for the Chiefs. After week 3, the Broncos worry me more than the Oakland Raiders. Through all trades and draft day moves made by head coach Josh McDaniels on behalf of the Denver Broncos, most of which kept NFL fans laughing for more than a year, one thing seems to be true, McDaniels knows how to coach up a passing game… Kyle Orton looks like a legit passing NFL QB.

    2. San Diego Chargers

    The Chargers are still the best team in the AFC West. Yes, the Chiefs have already beaten them once… and that was a huge win to open the season, but the Chargers know how to win. They know how to come from behind to win the division. Don’t believe me? Ask Denver Broncos fans the past few seasons, as they watched their team collapse late in the season as the Chargers passed them in the AFC West standings.

    1. Matt Cassel is still Matt Cassel

    Until the Chiefs are playing from behind, needing to score quickly, we have no proof Matt Cassel has improved. In fact, I could easily argue that, in limited passing attempts, he is no better now than in 2009. Matt Cassel wasn’t the sole reason the Chiefs played poorly in 2009, but there was no pressure for the team to win in 2009. At some point in 2010, Cassel will be required to lead this team to a victory. He has shown me nothing to make me believe he can.

    My Prediction

    Although I am realistic, or “extremely” pessimistic, as some readers have said before… I did pick the Chiefs to win the AFC West before the season started. I still stand by that prediction of 9-7 and 1st place in the AFC West… Followed by a quick 1st round departure.

    Hey, that’s still a fantastic season from a team that won only 10 combined games 2007-2009.

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